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Jotunheim is a monarchy, governed by the king of the giants, although his peers, other giants of frost can dismiss him and elect another king if he does not rule properly.   They have basically three social classes:

  • Jarls: They are the giants of the frost, they have the right to elect and be elected king and the right of owning lands and governing towns.
  • Karls: They are those considered worthy by the jarls, they have the right to own land.
  • Commoners: Everyone else, they do most of the dirty job to substain their bettersand must pay taxesto the owners of the lands they work and inhabit.
  • The laws of jotuns are based on personal honor and obedience to jarls.

    Demography and Population

    10% of the population are the ice giants, joining winter wolves and trolls under their reign, as well as orcs of the steppes and really any race they can recruit.

    Geopolitical, Kingdom
    Wide Wall
    Related Ethnicities

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