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Demon God Iblis

Divine Domains

Order, dogmatism, extreme ideas, stubborness

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A waterfall

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Enter Eden, either breaking Dalyn seal or spreading his domain so Iblis can open another portal.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Being an Old Demon, its body is unnatural. Its a hooded waterfall with humanoid fleshy hands and foot. Its head is a tower with a second waterfall.


Religious Views

This dark god promotes dogmatism, being it religious or political. Extreme ideologies make its home closer to Eden. It appears opossed to other demon gods for unknown reasons, but is as dangerous as any of them.

RPG Character sheet

Track of its demons: Devil

Current State: Unable to enter Eden, yet   Infernal Domain: Axioma   Area of influence on Eden: Sanctuary Island
Divine Classification
Demon God
Biological Sex

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