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Honorable Ones

The Honorable Ones are a criminal organization of organized "families" who protect its members and control most of illicit movements on the Merchant Republics. Their activitis include but doesn't limit to: smuggling, banditry, murder, fraud, extortion, contraband, terrorism, reception, and robbery. They are also arbitrators between disputes amongst criminals. They are also know as reversed torches because of the symbol they leave as a warning. This symbol is a very simple one, written in blue, its sole presence means that the Honorable Ones wants to warn you with the act. An example of such use would be burning a warehouse of a merchant who is raising the price of food, if the merchant sees the blue symbol, he or she knows that things can get uglier.

The Honorable Ones operate under several rules of honor, usually the penalty for breaking them, is death:
  • Do not hide money from the Family.
  • Your first loyalty is to the Family
  • Respect your elders
  • Always pay your debts
  • Never collaborate with the law enforcement, they are the enemy
  • Protect the secrets of the family, keep your mouth shut
  • Never involve the local government with your greivances, they are the enemy
  • Structure

    Each family, usually with a village or district as territory, has a Father or Mother ruling it. The Grandfather or Grandmother is the most powerful os the local bosses, ruling over the others.

    Below a a local boss are the circle of Uncles. They are the most trusted members and act as both advisors and enforcers. Under an Uncle comes several Big Sisters o Big Brothers who are responsible for one group of around twelve members.


    The Honorable Ones were an organization that originated on the colonies, as a form of resistance groups against the foreign exploiters and also as a way to provide protection to the one who were defenseless. In the colonial regime, law was on the hands of the companies who owned the bussiness and because of that, local law enforcement was not there to defend justice, but the economical interests of the local patriciate and even when is not the case, they lacked manpower to properly protect the lower classes.
    Soon the abusers of the poor saw their warehouses empty and their houses burning. At the same time that the Honorable Ones revenged from the rich, they stole their money to finance their illicit activities.

    Soon they joined not only between themselves but also with groups that formed around poor people on the Republics, who had often struggles not too much diferent from their own. They have grown enough to be a constant thorn in the Merchant Republics side.

    Loyalty and Honor

    Illicit, Syndicate
    Alternative Names
    Crime Syndicate, The Reversed Torch
    Related Ethnicities

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    3 Jul, 2018 14:34

    i like the irony with them calling themselves the honorable ones. It's good that you have further links, too, for more information.

    3 Jul, 2018 14:44

    Well, after all, they follow strictly an honor code :D I consider puting links very important because it helps to understand the context. Unluckily, this article has few links still

    Constance Watson
    3 Jul, 2018 14:53

    They are also know as reversed torches because of the symbol they leave as a warning.
      Can you go into more detail about the reversed torch? How is that left as a warning?

    3 Jul, 2018 14:59

    Ill expand a bit on that, for now ill say is drawn in the proximities of the act, to make clear that wasn't an accident nor a common thief but instead is them wanting to send a message like "stop raising the prices of basic food"

    3 Jul, 2018 15:17

    The code of rules is the best part, what a fantastic idea!

    GorgeFodder - Former Forge Father & Former Community Director of World Anvil
    3 Jul, 2018 15:20

    Yup, being a criminal is not an excurse to be dishonorable scum :D

    3 Jul, 2018 15:22

    Interesting that their called the Honorable ones, Nice to see there is trust among thieves somewhere.