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High Empire


The ruler of the High Empire is the King of Kings (Currently Kavah II), being also the spiritual leader, the Holy Fire Guardian. Its divided in 4 kingdoms: Arsacia, Artawa, Nicator and Istanbar. Artawa kingdom is ruled directly by the King of Kings while the other 3 are ruled by members of his family: the Shahiya family.   Every kingdom has a powerful administration, leaded by the vicecouncilor. Other than the vicecouncilor, the more important members are: the High Priest, the Army Commander, the Merchant Guild Representative and the Agriculture Minister. Each kingdom is also divided in provinces, whose governors are designated by their kings (De facto, this position is inherited) .   Law is a formal code written by the nobility and the priests and aproved by the King of Kings. Local kings can legislate in their kingdoms as long it doesn't contradict imperial law and can aprove the judges proposed by nobility and priesthood.   Merchants and craftmen activities are regulated by their respective guilds.   The king and king of kings position is inherited, if one dies without a direct heir, another Shahiya family member is chosen instead. The King of Kings is always the king of Artawa and no one can be king of two kingdoms.  

Social Clases

Imperial society is divided in five classes: Priesthood, Army, Escribes, Commoners and Nobility. Its a rigid system but one can raise its position by meritocracy. There's also slaves, but their are not the base of production, its ilegal to have a Sazzar believer as a slave.  


Fruit trees are common: oranges, almonds, pears, apricot, cherry, hazelnut... The main crops are wheat, watermelons, melons and rice. Cattle is very important, being cows and sheeps pretty common.  


Oficial religion is Sazzar Cult, but they ignore the equality part. Technically, the religious leader is the Holy Fire Guardian, the King of Kings, but often High Priests chosen by him are the ones that lead the cult.


Created by the colonies of the Medina Empire who emigrated west
Geopolitical, Empire
high imperial
Subsidiary Organizations
Related Ethnicities

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