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Harvest Celebration

The Harvest Celebration is a big wedding that happens once in a year. Its the most important Ilergan tradition and the best party of the year.


Every couple to be married reunites on the room of feasts on they get prepared to the march to the weedding place, wich is usually a sacred clearing on the forest, the top of the mountain or a cliffside. Out of the town, their friends and family are awaiting, cheering for them as they march on a secret ceremony.

With the only company of other couples and a priestess they march to the sacred place, where another priestess has set a circle of flowers with a torch pointing to each cardinal point. Inside the circle the ceremony is held for each couple. The priestess asks the gods to bless every union and the fiancees exchange gifts.

When the ceremony has ended, they return to the room of feasts, where everyone is awaiting for them and throw a big party that last all night. One important tradition here is the bagpipe circle, on the chieftain starts blowing a pipe and does a circle around the room, then another piper joins in and they do another lap, the process is repeated until everyone is doing the lap and then they march trough the village. When the march is over, they return to the feast to recover their forces drinking and eating.

The next part is the battle of the bands, on wich several groups of musicians compete with each other. The most cheered band of the feast is granted a clay crown.


The Celebration happens at the start of the harvest season and the better the crops, the better the party. Its a ritual to thank the gods for the good harvest (Or appease them, if they feel that are being bunished with a bad one) and ask them to bless the fertiliy of the new family.

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