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There are two variants of elisians, the traditional ones, of the Serpent Sea and the ones called kitsune, of the Moon Empire. The first ones present ears and tails of cat, being the original settlers of the islands of the sea of ​​the serpent. The seconds in their place have the tails and ears of a fox, sometimes, by deformations of the fetus, can present ramifications in the base of the tail, pretending that they have more than one. It is theorized that they are a human variant.   Both are usually happy, optimistic and carefree people, given to laziness and hedonism.

Basic Information


Elisians look similar to humans, except for their animal ears and tail and sometimes even claws. They tend to be a bit smaller and lighter.

Genetics and Reproduction

They can reproduce with humans and their variants (Like assmar), and also with centuaurs.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

Above human average, but they can be really naive and reckless

RPG Datasheet

Natural level 1  

  • [Medium] size
  • [Humanoid] Type
  • +2 Dextery and Intelligence, -2 to Wisdom. They are smart and fast, but too naive for their own good.
  • Ghostwisevision 45'
  • +1 (+1 every 8 levels) to Acrobatics
  • Additional Skills (Choose one): Chatty Bugger, Optimistic Viscera, The Terrible Swift Lash
  • Lifespan
    80 years
    Average Height
    1.6 meters
    Average Weight
    Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
    Their colors are similar to those of humans. On the other hand their eyes have usually bright colors and often heterochromia, especially women. Some have torn pupils.
    Related Ethnicities

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