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Dawn Kingdom

Internal Turmoil

  Because of his long time crisis, a lot of strife has appeared inside the kingdom: First of all, the Secessionist movement who advocates for a proper independence from the High Empire and a complete reform of the obsolete imperial model. The second faction is the Sun Kingdom nationalists. The crisis has forced the Sun Kingdom to tax heavily the peninsular territories under its rule having dire consequences like the loss of the Sun March. Because of that, several influential people of the peninsula wants to cut ties with the kingdom and creater their own or even become vassals of the Umbria Principality. The third movement, is the New Dawn initiative, they want to copy the Umbrian University model to improve their mages and also recover artifacts form the Medina Empire but so far, the government denies them any funding.  


  Due to the contact with Umbria, Dawn Kingdom has developed a love for tournaments, often competing against the principality in times of peace.


The organization structure is almost identical to the high imperial one, but the Sun King is able to make legislation that supercedes imperial law within his domains.   Also, while the religious head is the Holy Fire Guardian, in practice, is the High Priest wich leads the cult in the Dawn Kingdom.


After Alfra independence, due being unable to rule the Dawn Kingdom, the High Empire granted it autonomy, and de facto, independance. That, combined with his recent loses against Umbria and overall weak position has made the political scenario of the kingdom a complete disaster.

The sun reborns in a new era

"We have been a culture of great mages. Umbria mages were foolish begginers before the foundation of the University. Ours is the legacy of the Medina Empire, whose magical wonder made Molikedar ones pale in comparison. Why must we settle for such mediocre fate when we could aim for the top?" - New Dawn quote
Geopolitical, Kingdom
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Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Power Structure
Client state / puppet state
Economic System
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