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Competition of the Singing Hawk vs the Raising Wolf

Greetings to you people of the princedom
my friends are gathered to behold the fall
of a bird hence i'll be the martyrdom
you claim to be the best but you are nothing
after your defeat your mom you will call
since at the end of this you'll be sobbing

You come here claiming your victory
I don't worry as i know about poochs
you keep barking in your arrogancy
and as everyone here already know
a dog that loudy barks does not bite much
if you can back your words we will see now

When you talk about pride so blatantly
you remind me of a donkey that speaks
of the huge ears saw on a pig recently
I may bark but today you have bitten
more than you can chew under this peaks
and your arrogance will have you eaten

It's true that today i'm talking of pigs
and more that i'll speak this afternoon
you are like some fire catching twigs
as you are igniting everyone hope
because you will demonstrate very soon
that became a poet can even a dope

This is a very popular piece of a Banerian Chant Competition. It was the opening part of a battle between the most popular chanters of two neighbour villages of the Iron March: The Singing Hawk of Vila Porpra and the Raising Wolf of the village of Colonia. Artistic names like this are very common among chanters who hope to become famous among all Umbria.


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