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Bryn is a very hedonistic society when reigns the philosophy that every giant is born and should be free to do with their lifes what they truly enjoy. So Bryn is a society of great artists, entertainers and philosophers where everyone dedicates their lives to make their vocations reality.   Theres only an small price: obey the Necromancer and give your body to the state once you are dead.    


  In addition to the three gods, the Bryne also worship the Necromancer as the fourth Living God. They consider him the son of Sigrath to guide their race in the mortal world.


Bryn's politics revolves around the Necromancer, a giant lich of fire that reigns over the kingdom, being his undead slaves that do all the work allowing their fellow fire giants to be what they truly enjoy.   They find laws a waste of time, as word of the Necromancer is the only law they need, followed by the common sense. Society is simple, their inmortal leader is the king, then are the free giants and finally the undead slaves.   They can get very fanatical about their leader, as they truly enjoy what for them is an utopian society.

Public Agenda

Mantaining their utopia and avoid the demon gods armies.


A huge undead army


The fire giants were an army of raiders and slavers before the necromancer appeared. The necromancer was a giant that stolen a powerful artifact of a demon god, and as such he became the owner of a huge undead collection. The undead totally replaced the slaves and the need of army.

Demography and Population

10% of Bryn are the Fire Giants, the rest, are the huge undead army of the Necromancer.

Geopolitical, Kingdom
The Furnace
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