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Black Island


They are loyal to the Prince and their marchis is vassal to the ruler of Umbria, but they rule themselves as they were doing before being subjects of Umbria and the prince has to make an oath to respect the black march constitution. They have no magical academies nor the mighty university, but the public teaching of magic isn't forbidden either.   The pairlament of the black march consistes on a reunion of of landowners, mayors, counts and barons and is presided by the prince of Umbria and the Marchis. The pairlament makes the laws of the land and impartes justice.


Strategic position at the Serpent Sea trade routes.   Great seafarers   Is also a very fertile island, being the main exports grain, wood, oil, nuts, pork, cheese, hides, hemp and cloth.


The Black Isle was one of the independets territories that made up Nicaria. Wanting to control an strategic point of the trade route, the Merchant Republics tried to conquer the island. The lord of the black island knew that themselves were unable to win the war and the rest of nicarian territories, even if he managed to unite all of them they had very little chance to win, so they pledged loyalty to Arnau II in exchange of protecting them from the invasion, starting the events of the War of the Black Isle.   When Princess Arsenda III won the war,she made the Black Isle a new march with a very high level of autonomy and crowned the previous lord as Marchis of the Black Isle.

Demography and Population

Almost all population of the Black Island is entirely elisian.


  • Black Island
Geopolitical, Marquisate
Alternative Names
Black March, Nicarian March, Umbrian Nicaria
Parent Organization
Controlled Territories
Related Ethnicities

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