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Common curses and insults

Pars de Roc Benefica Blessed idiot (Someone whose survival it can only be explained by divine intervention)
Nauses eu porcel regna You make the pig king puke
Vens deu arata You have come from the plough (In other words, its calling you a donkey)
Tei ha den caire u fulgur forcat I wish a lightning would fall upon you
Mans falç can doble den fust Less trustwothy than a coin of wood
Tei ha desbuca ua post gonta cagan Uz I wish the support of Uz toilet would wall down upon you ( Common curse)
Fesom den recapta Shit-face
Bembal Complete dumbass
Cagam fesom deu Uz I shit on Uz face (Strong blasphemy)
Ton rere renoa mans quen pipa drac bram Your farting is louder than an angry dragon roar
Ton eu nat enrao Uz osas eu fem Your sole reason for existance is for Uz to put all he didn't want
Ton testa foradata Your head is full of holes
Vias tant gat quen broles asperit You are a drunkard whose blood is destilled alcohol
Non sona ni mare en doma Not even your mother knows who you are
Non fines doma tua You are not even able to find your own house
Mans bembal quena esparda Dumber than a shoe

Banerian insults usually attacks someones higiene or intelligence and does so with metaphors and comparisons, often with funny results. Such descriptive and easy to get insults seems to come from the Banerian Chant in which the main purpose of an insult is to mock your opponent while making the audience laugh at their expense. Also, some others like "pars de roc benefica" seems to be references to popular chants, whose exact origin has been lost in time. Other insults, like most curses, seems to be more of a form to express anger than an insult intended to actually hurt someones feelings.

Geographical Distribution

Umbrian institutions, the North March and the Iron March

Root Languages
Common Phrases
Byon Jorn Salutation as long the sun is not set
Byon Vesper Salutation at nightime
Eu Nom Dalmau My name is Dalmau
Labat sia Uz Blessings of Uz
Cap Perficia To victory!
Umbria non has regna Umbria has no king
Liberta o mors Freedom or death
Common Female Names
Adelaida, Dolsa, Estephania, Ermengarda, Aurembiaix, Almanda, Beatriu, Berengaria
Common Male Names
Roger, Sunier, Bernart, Arnau, Dalmau, Berengar, Guerau,Roderic, Gausfred
Common Unisex Names
Lum, Estelan

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2 Jul, 2018 17:59

These are brilliant! My favourite one is : "Less trustwothy than a coin of wood " bahahaha

Creator of the dark fantasy world of Melior
2 Jul, 2018 19:22

:D The standard is quite low when they'd rather accepts wood coins as payment than trusting your word

2 Jul, 2018 19:09

Creative collection of insults, but the formatting could use some more work. And for some reason the search bar is right over the headline for me...

2 Jul, 2018 19:22

Thanks ^^

2 Jul, 2018 19:16

Very creative! I suggest throwing your translation inside of and leaving the explanations as the plain text.

Who the hell does this guy think he is?
PatheticBarrel, Logo by Sai
2 Jul, 2018 19:21

That could be useful, but only few of them have a proper explanation, most of them are pretty straighforward

2 Jul, 2018 19:17

These are certainly colorful! I like the rhythm of the words, they sound very organic and natural

2 Jul, 2018 19:20

Thank you, they are heavily inspired in roman languages, so i kinda got the rhythm. ^^