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Almost all banerians are Human, with a tiny fraction of Elisians residents, less than 1 for every 20 humans.


Besides from the Princess and the general government of Umbria, there's a local institution known as the Council of the Fourty, an institution only present on capital cities, as a priviledge that gives them certain autonomy.   Such council is composed of 10 representatives of each social class, making the name of the council quite literal. The council rules the city and elaborates the local legislation.   Also in Baneria are the headquarters of the Sea House, the organization wich elaborates the Sea Customs, a book who dictates marine and mercantile law. Also it settles comercial disputes without the judges of the court.


Baneria has tres sets of walls, the second ring is the one constructed by the santuarian empire. The first one was built by the Dawn Kingdom inside the first, adding more protection to the rich district . The outer walls were constructed more recently, due to the population growth that forced them to build outside the second ring.

Industry & Trade

Baneria is the production center of Umbria, being a big center trade, rivaling those of the Merchant Republics.   Also, the banerian manufactures are renowned (Specially iron and textile products)


The city have four major districts: The Outer Ring,between the old and the new walls, the Middle Ring in the middle of the other two rings, the Inner Ring, inside the most inner walls and the Port District. All of them have several squares.   Inside the Inner Ring is the Palace of the Prince, an elegant manor fortified and warded by enchantments. Another important building is the Cathedral of Baneria, a very tall building, towering even over the palace. Close to the cathedral is the Banerian University, the second biggest one in all Umbria. Finally, the other importat building is the goverment palace, where both the Council of the Fourty and the Great and General Council of all Umbria reunites and legislates, also being the headquarters of the Supreme Court. There also big gardens and the wealthy residences, only afordable by nobility and some succesful bourgeois and magisters.   The Middle Ring has the two temples of the city, the hospital, the marketplace, the bathhouse, the theater, the artisan districts and the residences of the middle class.   On the Outer ring are most of the residences for middle and lower class, as well as the poorest quarters.   Finally in the Port district are the residences of the sailors, the fish market and the Sea House headquarters, as well as the ones of the most important mercantile houses of the city.

Guilds and Factions

Obviously, like all umbrian cities, artisan guilds are strong, specially in a producer city like Baneria. Every guild is composed by the craftmen whose activity legislates and fixes the prices, working hours of their trade and the payment of helpers and aprentices.


Baneria was founded as a port for exporting iron of the Iron March, due being the closer pointo to the sea from the mines, placed on the several mountain ranges kown as The Red Mountains. Unluckily, it got forgotten at the times of the Aquisgran Empire of old, before the invasions it sufered.   It got very prominent under the rule of the Dawn Kingdom, turning into a big center of trade and returning it to the old glory of santuarian times. After the reconquest for Aquisgran's part, it becames the center of the new Umbria Duchy.   After Umbrian's independence, this city experienced a growth with the help of the new university. When Umbria expanded and gained control of the Oriental Marches in the Serpent Sea, Baneria got the biggest growth it has ever been experienced, far outgrowing the santuarian walls.


Most buildings are made with sandstone covered with white lime, crowned with roofs of red clay tiles.   Cheap glass is present in all the windows and higher quality glass structures are a present in the rich houses, and the university, as well as the cathedral, wich is entirely made of glass.


Baneria is situated at the northern coast, next to the Sanctuary Sea and close to the Serpent Sea.

Natural Resources

Baneria has access to good quality iron, wich gives the March of Iron its name.
About 50.000 inhabitants
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