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Alifons of Orunia

Baron Alifons III of Orunia

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

He is quite athletic, being not only a cunning conspirator, but also a fine warrior.

Facial Features

He has no beard

Physical quirks

Thends to smirk, a lot.

Special abilities

He is quite adept at the dark arts, specially witchcraft

Apparel & Accessories

He has a crystal ball that lets him spy his enemies, gift from the demons of Belphegor.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Alifons was the youngest child of the previous Baroness. His parents could only provide inheritance to his older siblings, making his only options to marry a lady with land or entering the religious life. He made a pact with a Belphegor demon, conspirating to get rid of his family and becoming the Baron.   Despite being now the baron, as a greedy man like only a Belphegor follower could be, he finds his position not good enough, he wants to seize the control of the March and eventually the entire Principality, maybe even more. To do so formed the Cult of the Crown, a secret organization to take control of the politics of the region.


He is quite knowledgeable, but has no universitarian studies.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Murdering his mother and older siblings except one who framed, being his vassals and the rest of his family none the wiser. With his brother in prison, he became the Baron.   Creating the Cult of the Crown.

Failures & Embarrassments

He has not been able to extend his influence to the university, yet.

Mental Trauma

Cannot control his greed, nothing is enough for him.

Intellectual Characteristics

Logical, cunning and ruthless.

Morality & Philosophy

He doesn't give a damn about morality, knowing that his soul is already damned.

Personality Characteristics


Being the most powerful mortal on Eden. Taking the control of the world on the shadows.


Contacts & Relations

He knows several demons and manages the Cult of the Crown.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Baron of Orunia
Year of Birth
391 AoD 48 Years old
Barony of Orunia
Current Residence
Barony of Orunia
Biological Sex
Black with grey areas
Quotes & Catchphrases
"True... i have no soul"
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Fluent in Banerian and Aurenian. Moderate knowledge of Infernal.

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