Week of 14 June 2020

Week 17

Pyrrha in Verse:

  "Chores Without End"
is Part 17 of "The Runner,"
an original story
that began with "I Run."   Logged-in
Supporters and Educators
now have
exclusive pre-publication access
to the final two verses,
which will go public
in Fall 2020.  
    • Link: Verse 18: "Toward the Graveyard of Humanity"
    • Link: Verse 19: "The Finish Line"

A New Start:

  The MiV Start page
has been updated.
Now with:  
    • Mature content access
    • Spoilers!
    • Trigger warning policy
    • ...and general updates all around

Greek and Roman Mythology:

  A new landing page
for Greek and Roman myths
to match the one for Germanic and Norse.  

In Case You Missed It:

  What did Artemis say
when she met Actaeon
at a pool in the woods?  

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  You don't have to be a poet
You don't have to be a scholar
You just have to love mythology.  

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This has been Week 17 of 2020.
Week 18 starts now!


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