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Collaborators Wanted, All Mythologies

  The MiV site has been focused on Greek and Roman mythology so far because that's the mythology I was exposed to most as a kid, what I picked up from the culture around me, and what I've read and studied as a result. I would love to add additional mythologies to the site, Hindu, Egyptian, Mesoamerican, Oceanic, and others, but it's daunting to learn not only characters and stories but entire cultures at a depth that would allow for respectful retransmission in articles, poems, stories, and artwork.   That's where you come in.   I'm looking for collaborators and contributors, even if all they're contributing is their time and knowledge. MiV has been a one-person, spare time project done for the love of mythology, but with a strong team and support from caring patrons, MiV has the potential to become so much more.   Thanks for your consideration.  
--Greg R. Fishbone, Editor in Chief


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