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About the Series

Essays and short stories on mythological topics. Some are scholarly. Some are goofy fun. Some may tie into pop culture or current events.   Prose! is an essay series from Greg R. Fishbone.

Periodic Updates

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Volume One


Prose! (Mythic Essay, Vol. 1)

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Apollo's Temple at Delphi
  Silly musings over a serious letter.  
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  The course of history altered by a geological event.  
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Item History
  Where it came from and the grief it caused.
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The Odyssey Retold!
  With one small change, everyone lives happily ever after.  
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More to come...

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Author's Notes

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Greg R. Fishbone
Greg R. Fishbone, Author in Residence at Mythoversal, is releasing his young adult mythic fantasy, BECOMING HERCULES, as a weekly serial on Kindle Vella. This diverse coming-of-age drama shares its ancient roots with the Percy Jackson series, Song of Achilles, and Lore Olympus.

  If you have any questions about mythology, let me know and maybe there will be an essay topic to come.

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