Flowering Alseas

Flowering Alseas are humanoid-shaped--and 'dressed'--plants which produce beautiful blossoms year-round in Pandorive. A traveler happening upon one might think it a fellow wanderer of the road, until they draw close enough to tell that the flowers the Alsea appears to carry or wear on its body are actually protruding from various parts of its apparent "clothing" or "skin". The entire stalk and stems of the plant, despite whatever facial expressions one might glimpse or words one might hear, is made entirely of cellulose and organic fibers.
"Don't give it a name, don't leave it food or gifts, and by all that's sacred, don't knit it sweaters for when it's cold--it is a PLANT, people!"
— Deputy Loroy
Varieties of Flowering Alseas
Flash Fiction: Illicit Harvest
"He winked! See?" the self-proclaimed hero said, pointing to the butchered remains to his right. Raoul's gloved hand still held one of the 'limbs'. "Ya can't tell me tha's nat'ral. Thought he was one o' them cunnin' big city pantomimers or sommat, tryin' ta steal me gold."
  "So you hacked it apart?" Despite her small stature, Eloise shook her rake perilously close to my head. In her other hand she wielded a trowel, which I'm sure was meant to be menacing. "When you made the first cut that teeny human-sized brain of yours didn't think 'gee, who here bleeds sap'?"
  To be fair, things in Pandorive bled all sorts of things, but I could see Eloise wasn't in the mood for particulars.
  "No one steals me gold!" came the retort, and he shook the 'limb' again. The 'arm' dripped beads of a milky white substance to the ground.
  I sighed. This spectacle played out every time a stranger came to town, doubly so when they'd been visiting the tavern as often as Raoul. Everyone saw 'faces', but those who weren't used to the frozen 'expression' on the plant's main stalk tended to take umbrage. The Flowering Alseas were too often dubbed 'evil golems' animated by an 'evil wizard'.
  Our town had no wizards, and the only animated part of an Alsea was, perhaps, its petals fluttering in the breeze coming off the river.
  Regardless, it always seemed imperative to newcomers that they instigate some kind of brawl between person--or persons--and plant. Someone else would find the bloodless 'body' and cry "murder"--again, to be fair, the chopped up remains of an Alsea looked like utter carnage. The whole town would bolt awake at midnight, they'd haul me out of bed to handle the crime, and the Planters Guild would tear down the walls until justice was served.
  "This is a TRAVESTY," Eloise screeched. "Just look at his face, Deputy--the stupid human mutilated his beautiful face!"
  Before the drunkard could argue that even the locals could see that Alseas appeared human, I snapped my notepad shut. "See the Planter's Guild by midday tomorrow, Raoul. Do not attempt to leave town before compensating them for your rampage against the South Garden, or they will upgrade your debt to provisional fertilizer. And no," I added, eyeing the slow grin that crossed the gardener's face, "I do not mean you will be buying fertilizer."

Basic Information

Growth Rate & Stages

Once a seed is planted, a new root structure grows. The roots spread shallowly under the earth to reach a suitable location. Once enough energy is located, the roots burrow deep and the Alsea begins to grow its main stalk. The stalk grows into a full, humanoid-apparent plant in a matter of months.   Flowers will appear in less than a year and will continue to grow so long as enough nutrients are present.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Rather than following a photosynthesis cycle, Flowering Alseas are fed via an abyssynthesis method unique to Pandorive.   Instead of sunlight, water, minerals, and carbon dioxide, these plants are nourished by the Void, and consume surreptitious thought patterns and speech.
Typical Photosynthesis
Pandorive Abyssynthesis

  After consuming illicit murmurings the plants release a lowgrade air of suspicion, which among sentients tends to produce even more whispers. You can always tell when a Pandorive settlement is brimming with secrets, because any nearby Flowering Alseas aren't merely flowering but absolutely covered with an enormous amount of blossoms.   A surplus of secrets tends to encourage pollination, and therefore propagation, of Flowering Alseas. Ambient levels of suspicion rise with more Alseas and more blossoms.

Biological Cycle

Pandorive ecosystems being what they are, it should be noted that if suspicion released by Alseas becomes too saturated, nearby sentients become infected by Absolute Paranoia. Sentients suffering this condition will destroy each other and/or themselves in an attempt to eliminate whatever they perceive is a threat. As the sentient population dwindles, Flowering Alseas will wither and die, returning to the Void from which they were birthed.   This has led to a slight genetic adaptation: Once a supply of secrets begins to dwindle--due to outsider interference or death of sentient beings--Flowering Alseas with this adaptation will reroute nutrients to their roots, which travel along the ground in search of additional settlements. If successful, an offshoot will form a secondary figure as the primary plant withers away in its original location. The new plant grows off the secrets of the new community until it is able to flower, and the cycle begins anew. Alsea with this trait are not dominant yet but are expected to become so as weaker varieties die out due to community destabilization.
Varieties of Flowering Alseas


Once upon a time, there were dryads and dhus, bound to beautiful oak forests and capable of plant magic. Some solitary, others plentiful among the trees, these spirits took care of the flora around them, made it vibrant and lush. Those dryads and dhus bound to particular groves may have heard their name called out as the Alseid. Most of the legends end there.   For one Alseid grove, however, a new story transpired. A tendril from Pandorive reached from the nothing to claim a piece of their world, devouring the grove of oaks and their spirits.   The Void consumes.   In Pandorive, the grove retained a bubble-like space from its original world. But bubbles thin...and eventually pop.   A century passed before the "bubble" became thin enough that the original Alseid grove saw effects of its time in Pandorive. Over the next decade, the trees were no longer oak, but a variety of plants, some native to their old world, some born of the new. The dryads and dhu spirits transitioned into solid and sentient forms, that most would consider human. In this new form, they took the name Alsea.   As Alsea, they could no longer return to their trees to rest, but they could roam further, and there were new, fascinating things to see in their grove. The forest provided unique berries and nuts for them to eat and a variety of flavored dews and saps for them to drink. The Alsea in return continued to see to the grove's care. Life was good, and nature thrived. Alsea harvested flowers to twist into crowns and played games among the plantlife. Children seemed to sprout from the earth for the very first time. Forming family groups that branched off into plant specializations, it looked to be a new era for the Alsea.   The Void changes.   A mere fifteen years later, the "bubble" which had contained and protected the grove and its people from direct contact with Pandorive lost its fight to remain separate. When it failed, Pandorive welcomed it hungrily, and the Void tumbled in like it was trying to fill a vacuum.   Nature magic which the sentient life within the grove previously controlled stopped in the Alsea's veins.   They   Were   Devoured.   Again.   Every Alsea who had been in the grove, no matter how tall or small, how old or young, had their sentience drained into the very roots of the grove of plants they'd sought to protect. Void-touched nature magic rushed to claim them, sap moving into their veins, the flowering crowns atop their heads regaining life and fusing with their bodies. Flowers pressed from their skin, budding, blossoming, dying, budding again. This outpouring of energy created what are known as the Flowering Alseas today.   The Void reverses, twists, and creates anew.
Original Form
VoidTouch Effect
Loss of Sentience, Corrupted Nature Magic
Ecology & Habitat
Needs thought energy to survive. Found near settlements.
10-40 years. Extremely community dependent, though new specimens seem more hardy.
Average Height
5 feet/1.5 meters
Anything beyond care and observation is considered illegal in most settlements, and gifts of Alsea flowers are usually considered offensive. Material from cut Alseas begins to break down within a week. Rotting Alseas and their flowers smell of bitterness and regret, and they are considered unpalatable.
Conservation Status
Stable. However, due to their rarity and value to various Guilds, severe punishment awaits those who damage any Flowering Alsea, moreso if it is one of the Unique variants.  
Unique Flowering Alsea
PSA: Alsea 'Clothing'
One does not 'undress' a Flowering Alsea. The appearance of clothes and flesh are surface level only. The entire plant stalk is a single fibrous construct, not layered with outerwear, as one might otherwise assume.

Genetics and Reproduction

If an overabundance of thought energy is present, Flowering Alseas will produce pollen. Two types of pollination are possible:
  • Self-Pollination: Pollen travels via air from flower to flower on the same plant.
  • Cross-Pollination: Pollen is delivered from one plant to another by one of Pandorive's pollinators.
The largest pollinated flower of the plant will produce a single seed. When placed in soil the seed will grow into a new plant. Subsequent Alsea generations vary in appearance--some exact copies, some more human-apparent than others, and some more valuable due to the rarity of flowers they produce.
  The flowers which will eventually bloom on the new plant are determined by the pollen provided:
  • Single-Parented, Self-Pollination: Offspring will contain the same floral makeup.
  • Dual-Parented, Cross-Pollination: Offspring may contain the same floral makeup or produce a variant hybrid.
  • Multi-Parented, Cross-Pollination: Offspring will produce a genetically disconnected hybrid.
Pollination of Flowering Alseas
Special Note: In rare cases, the cross-pollination process injects pollen from multiple parenting plants. With the overabundance of pollen, the nature magic remnants in the resulting seed are amplified, and its genetics are warped further by the Void. Resulting flowers on the new Alsea will not resemble any of the contributing plants, instead blooming into something completely new.   These specimens are sterile, and their flowers have been said to make passersby feel anything from peace to rage. It is assumed that they feed off of different types of communication as well, however no formal studies have been done.   As they produce neither pollen nor seeds, Unique Flowering Alseas are often heavily protected by plant-centric Guilds, prized in particular for their ability to draw visitors--which in turn increases their coffers.
Unique Flowering Alsea
This Flowering Alsea has been prank-posed by neighborhood punks.

Cover image: by Jozef Klopacka


Author's Notes

Infographics by DaniAdventures using Canva. All "Flowering Alseas" images from Pexels except for Mr. "PEC", which I licensed from DepositPhotos.

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