Paxian are bipedal sentient, tribal race with mild magical essence but a far-traveling Vis. Average lifespan is 75 years. They age very quickly; their prime and beauty in comparison to other races and each other is brief. Their eyes are small and varied in shape; their ears are blunt and round. Their skin is smooth but often covered in patches of hair; scars easily. They have no tail.


General Appearance

Hair is blond, red, brown; skin tone is pale and/or ruddy-freckled; can have any eye color for Humans. Eyes have minimal epicanthal fold and palpebral slant.

Moderate-sized breed. Men are somewhat larger than women; they can be equal size. Women have mild risk in childbirth. Men grow modest facial hair.


Culture and Heritage

Geographic origin: Widespread from East Coast to West Coast, mainly on the Southern continent below the Great Lake.

This breed of Human is the most varied in culture due to their means of living, ranging from nomadic and water-faring to rural agricultural or urban cityscapes.



Paxians have a weaker magical heritage. Mages are known for divine and arcane studies, calling upon the attention of greater beings, and life and death magic. Culturally, mystics, shamanistic practices, and elemental sorcery are on the fringe.

A strong psionic heritage can be observed amongst the Paxians. Psions risk insanity attempting to live alone, but more Paxian psions have found each other over the centuries to create protected and stable clans. They try not to draw attention and do not seek psions from different cultures but will leave clans to seek more of their own.

Widespread but mainly on the Southern continent
Red, blond or brown hair and pale skin tone
~75 years

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