Leonardo Watch

Leonardo Watch

The Watcher Leonardo Watch (a.k.a. Leo)

There are a lot of entities within the Nexus that are hard to nail down where entirely they came from. These entities are what we have come to call Remnants. Individuals whose origins are so complex that it is exceptionally challenging, if not utterly impossible, to trace down to their source. Most of these remnants aren't just impossible to trace where they came from; they could even be considered Ghost stories. Entities that leave no trace of their encounters, which most people consider to be nothing more than urban legends or literal ghost stories. There are some remnants that hide themselves far less than others, even capable of being encountered by Rift Born such as yourself. Would you like to hear about one such Remnant? Go ahead and take a seat while I tell you about the one known as Leonardo Watch.

Leonardo Watch

Leonardo Watch, also known as Watcher-0, is the leader of a task force known as the Watchers, tasked with recording history, so it is never forgotten.


Leonardo is a kind hearted soul that rarely if ever is willing to hurt anyone, no matter if they are a threat. He spent most of his time just observing the events that occur, rarely if ever altering events that are occuring. After the 5th era began, he decided that helping those who he can is more important than the Oath he took when becoming a member of the Watcher. If he can protect Edenia and their two children, there is not a thing he wouldn't do to keep them safe.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Leo is known to usually wear a hoodie vest on top of a blue T-shirt with dress pants and every day sneakers. Most who encounter him would mistake him for an ordinary earthen adult. At least until he opens his eyes, that is. Once he opens his eyes, it can be seen he's anything but an ordinary human, with his eyes seemingly entirely alien in nature. Though it's not quite clear what they are, they seem to glow with a power entirely unlike anything from the Current Era.

Special abilities

Leonardo Watch has access to a plethora of special abilities, some were entirely unique to him and him alone, though as of recently they were inherited by his two children Seth and Janet. A list of them can be found here:


While Leo was not born an Ancient Guardian like Omega and Phoenix, due to some highly experimental procedures Management forced him to undergo, his typical human nature has been overridden entirely making his genetic makeup no different from the other Ancient Guardians, though with much lower potency. This has been observed to have granted Leo the following attributes:
  • True Immortality: As a result of Merlin and Enigma's Experiments, Leo holds a Type 3 True Immortality Curse, making it impossible for someone truly kill him off.
  • Enhanced Strength: Leo has a strength score of 15 Million, making him 14,999,995 times stronger than the baseline human and 14,999,960 times stronger than the strongest a corporeal form can be before undergoing their first ascension rite. His maximum Carrying Capacity is a staggering 202.5 KiloTons or 202,500 TONS
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    And while that may not be that impressive compared to Omega and Phoenix that still means he can benchpress a loaded Airbus A380 without breaking sweat.
  • Enhanced Perception: Leo has a perception score of 25 million, making him 24999995 times more perceptive than the baseline human and 24999960 times more perceptive than the most perceptive a corporeal form can be before undergoing their first ascension rite, with a Visual Acuity of 1000000/20. This means he can see what a normal baseline human would be able to see at 20 feet away from a distance of 1000000 feet or 189.393939 miles away from him.
  • Enhanced Endurance: Leo has an Endurance score of 25 million, allowing him to tank a ton of damage without even takins so much of a scratch, making her for all practicle purposes completely invulnerable.
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    Needless to say, unless you really work up the effort, you aren't going to be able to even get him to shed even a single drop of blood.
  • Enhanced Charisma: Leo has a Charsima score of 15 Million, allowing him to very easily charm his way out of any sticky situation he might find himself in.
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    Which comes in handy given he's a Combat Historian.
  • Enhanced Intellect: Leo has an intellect score of 25 Million giving him an IQ of 500,000,000. While this is an insanely high IQ compared to the baseline, it pales in comparison to what Omega and Phoenix's IQs are
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    Though this still makes his IQ well beyond what even Howard's was.
  • Enhanced Agility: Leo has an Agility score of 15 million, making him 14999995 times more agile than the baseline human and 14999960 times more agile than the most perceptive a corporeal form can be before undergoing their first ascension rite. This makes his top speed a whopping 60000000 miles per hour or a staggering mach 80.96.
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    Which is well over 2000x the fastest jet aircraft to exist in an earth replica.
  • Enhanced Luck: Leo has a Luck score of 15 million, well above the baseline and several times above the maximum an unascended corporeal form could hold.
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    He completely surpasses the insane luck Clover has, though his Luck pales when you compare it to even Omega's.
  • Enhanced Spirit: Leo has a Spirit Score of 15 million, giving him an insane amount of spiritual energy to work with.

All Seeing Eyes of God

As a result of the experiments Leo endured under the orders of Merlin and Enigma back in the first era, the All-Seeing Eyes of God, a Mark-1 Proto-PI relic, was implanted in his eyes. This granted him with the following capabilities.
  • Perception Manipulation:
    Using the All-seeing eyes of God, Leo is capable of manipulating the perception of others. This can be applied in a multitude of different methods:
    • Perception Alteration: Leo can alter the perception of others, either to make it so they do not see something that is happening in front of them or to force them to see something that isn't real. He holds the 2nd highest authority level in regard to perception-altering illusions, just under his two children, meaning if he and someone else both create an illusion, Leo's will take precedence.
    • Perception Swapping: Leo is capable of swapping the perception between two or more entities, effectively forcing one to see what the other is and vice versa. This has the added side effect of causing the targets to undergo an intense wave of nausea if they have not had experience with this sort of perception switch effect before.
    • Perception Sharing: Leo is capable of intercepting the perceptions of others, allowing her to turn the target into another pair of eyes for her, allowing her to see what they see entirely; this can be used to help keep an eye on the actions of a target, or to keep watch on any particular person of interest by sharing the senses of one of their allies.
  • The TRUTH of the world:
    using the All Seeing Eyes of God, Leo can see "The Truth of the World" this would mean the following:
    • Absolute Illusion immunity: Leo is capable of seeing through any and all illusions due to his ability to see "The Truth of the World"; this renders all Visual Acuity and Illusionary techniques entirely ineffective on her. The only exception to this would be Illusions created by Janet or Seth, his two children
    • Temporal viewing: Leo is capable of perceiving "Past World Altering" illusions, effectively allowing him to see events that have been altered via temporal manipulation to what they originally were going to be.

Specialized Equipment

Besides the Relic implanted in his eyes, Leonardo Watch also has two other pieces of equipment, a standard issue WATCH provided by the Collective, and a wholly unique relic known only as the Timestream. As of current, we have no clue what the capabilities of the Latter are.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

To improve readability, we have divided this Section into "Chapters," as it were. Each Section will have a Header above it which you can access from the Table of Contents for this entry.

Chapter 1: Origins

Leonardo Watch was born to an ordinary human family back in the First Era. At a young age, his family traveled to an anomalous town known as Hellsalems lot in the hopes that a miracle would occur that would allow Leo's Sister to gain the power to walk. Unfortunately for them, the Morai had other plans for them, and within the first few days of their visit, an ancient being known as Riga El Menuhyut paid a visit and gave both Leo and his sister a choice: "who will see through the end." Leo's sister Michella quickly deduced that the one who "doesn't see" would lose their sight, and she gave their sight up so Leo could see, thus making Leo the one chosen. Unfortunately, the loss of sight was only a part of the contract, a way to keep the Chosen in check and ensure they were bound to the ancient entities will. Once Michella made their choice, Leo was taken from their home and brought to the Darkened Zone. Merlin and Enigma then performed a series of experiments on the young Leo, changing their very Biological, Mental, and Spiritual makeup in its entirety in order to forcibly ascend him into the first Ancient Guardian. Leo was then sent back to his homeworld, with the All-Seeing Eyes of God having been surgically implanted into his eyes.

Chapter 2: The Watcher's Burden

After the Transformation, Leo spent the next 2 years working for Libra with Klaus, constantly searching for a way to give her sister back their sight. Sadly, just before they had finished piecing together the cure to Michella's Blindness, a glowing purple light appeared in the sky above his home world, consuming it in a fiery purple blaze. Leo expected to die there along with his family, but the Morai had other plans for him, as even when his home planet was erased, Leo was not allowed to perish along with it. Merlin rescued him just before the Era was about to end, enlisting him to become the first Watcher for The MDA. Leo initially denied the position, but Merlin told him he could bring his sister back if Leo helped him complete his mission. Leo took this offer at face value and began working as a Watcher for Management, helping record history as it happened. From there, he dropped off the radar almost entirely, embarking on various missions on behalf of Merlin and those of Management. After the 3rd Era began, Merlin realized he could not handle being the only sovereign of the Nexus and worked with the Observer to enact the Chosen Project, bringing forth 4 individuals from his past and granting them powers on par with Management. The Observer decided that each of Merlin's Candidates needed to be tested to ensure they could handle the power they would be given. Merlin agreed to these terms, spinning up 2 Origin Project worlds within the Exclusion Zone, with each having slight changes from the Blueprint based on The Observer's request. The first world, codename Origin Zeta was designed to test the resolve of Martin and Jane. In order to fulfill the Observer's requirements, Merlin intentionally caused a breach that sent the Mark I PI stones to that world on January 19th, 2030, with the intention of having them impart a vision on Martin of their world's inevitable demise. This would drive them to try and prevent it, testing his resolve in the ways The Observer requested to pass. Merlin also sent the Mark 7 to the beach in the year 2055, for Jane to discover 10 years after the breakup caused by Martin's actions following the visions of the end times. Merlin said that if they worked together, they could create an Alpha Point, allowing them to actually save their world. When Leo asked him about this decision, Merlin admitted this was not part of the test the Observer requested they pass and that it was more Bonus Credit than anything else. According to Merlin's Timestream relic, the chances they passed the bonus credit test were less than 1%, but Leo did not buy those odds. Hence, both Leo and Merlin put it to a friendly wager, with Merlin offering the Pen to Leo for an hour if they win and Leo owing Merlin an IOU if they do not. Leo planned to use the Pen to bring his sister back, but unfortunately, they lost the wager and, as such, did not get the power to bring her back. Ultimately, both of the Chosens passed the test, and thus The Observer granted Martin and Jannath power beyond comprehension.

Chapter 3: Betrayel

The start of the 4th Era began with Martin and Jannath joining Merlin in forming the Council of Creators. No sooner did the newly "born" TCs enter the Nexus proper; Martin asked Merlin what existed outside. Merlin hesitated to tell them anything, but when it came time to vote on whether or not to greenlight what became known as the Colonization Project, Leo was hesitant about what could exist out there. He abstained, leaving Dark to be the deciding vote greenlighting the endeavor, with Martin and Jannath exiting the Nexus to the great expanse beyond. Merlin then retreated into his Lab, beginning work on another one of his classified projects. Unfortunately, Leo's concerns would prove to be entirely validated, as not even 3 days after Martin and Jannath left, they returned with grave news about the failure of the colonization. Dark, Martin, and The Doctor began working on the Ethereal Beacon, a device they would then use to reinforce the barriers between the Nexus and the great beyond. After the Beacon was brought online, Leo confronted the Doctor about the fact the endeavor was greenlit, to begin with, and The Doctor admitted that their experiment in the Domains was not to blame for why they needed to seal off all access to and from the outside. The Doctor stated that all knowledge about the great beyond must be forgotten and lost, but Leo was designed to never be able to forget. Or so he was told, for the Doctor then revealed that an AMP blast calibrated above PSI could wipe him and then began to program a blast at just that level. Leo promised that if he ever remembered what happened. he would tell everyone what he had done before being wiped of all knowledge regarding the extraverse.

Chapter 4: Arrival on Extinction

After Management's Betrayal, Leo dropped off the radar entirely. Or at least Leo did, for near the end of the 4th Era, someone bearing a striking resemblance to him appeared on Extinction, helping guide those who were trapped there. He called himself Dr. Enigma, and with his help, the Fadorie reunited with Eve-1 and the others working on beating the tians and clearing Extinction. He also visited Kizuna and Dark in the Tesseract around the time Siro reemerged. Later on, Dr. Enigma returned to Extinction and began to have a chat with someone inside him, requesting to have Autonomy again. As it turned out, Leo had willingly allowed Dr. Enigma to possess him, allowing him to perform the tasks he needed to with much greater ease. Eventually, however, Leo asked for control back, and Dr. Enigma willingly handed it over, Leo then began to help the others out, though he lacked the power to enter and exit the exclusion zone now that he was no longer merged with the Doctor. He also lost the knowledge to use the power The Doctor was using, though he could still call upon their aid using the All Seeing eyes of God. Leo then chose to head to the site of the Desert Titan Battle Evelyn was attempting to take on but was unable to open a rift there on his own:
(sighs) Now what? (thinks for a moment before the answer comes to him) Oh, right, the desert titan battle is going on right now. (tries to open a rift but fails) (sighs again) This is going to take some getting used to.

(glows from his eye)Need some help?

Considering it seems you took nearly every power you gave me.

(chuckles) I actually didn't. I just took the knowledge on how to use them that you gained from sharing your form with me. You will relearn how to use those powers in due time. In the meantime, you may want to get out of here. The corrupted creatures only ignored me. They won't ignore you so easily.

And how do you suggest I get out of the heart of their territory without opening a rift?

By opening a rift of course

(Clearly is not amused)

Since I can't exactly have you become dinochow, I am going to do something real quick

(Leonardo's hand then starts moving all on its own with a purple energy mass forming on it as a rift then forms in front of him)

May want to walk through here quickly. I didn't exactly keep the dinos occupied for very long.

(Leo can then hear very large group of roars coming from a bit further away as he dashes through the rift)
— Leo and the Doctor after regaining control of their body.
Leo managed to make it over to where the Desert Titan was being fought just in time for Eve-1 to finish the fight, with Eve agreeing to help take Leo to Sanctuary as he couldn't afford to open another rift. On the way there, they found the beachhead Evelyn established, leveled entirely by the Desert Titan as it realized the beachhead posed a more significant threat than Eve herself did. They both then made it back to the camp just in time for the elves he and The Doctor helped reunite with the others. Leo then helped fill Dorion in on what was going on before Raymond, Evelyn and the others went to take on the OSD sent by the Overseer. While they were gone, Leo realized something was off and quickly opened a portal to where the others were in an attempt to halt The Master's plans. Thankfully he made it just in time and promptly summoned the Blue flame to purify the duplicating corrupted horde, but he could not keep the flame in his control, his eyes heating up and cracking from the strain of doing so. This resulted in the blue flame inverting into the purple flame, but luckily, Althea was able to pacify it back into the blue flame while Leo's eyes healed back up from the strain. Eve-1 then gave Leo a ride on a Holo-Hoverboard back to camp. On the way there, a shadowy figure seemed to follow them back to Sanctuary, quickly catching Leo's attention and prompting them to suggest they speed it up. Upon their return, the Master made his presence known to the group for the first time, tricking Leo into having his eyes explode trying to figure out their "True Name." This prompted Enigma to show himself and banish The Master off before healing Leo's eyes with the Blue Flame. Leo then woke back up only to realize there was an illusion in the vicinity here. As it turned out, The Master stole the Creation gate while they were distracted by Leo dying. Due to this, Eve-1 became distraught, believing they had failed to keep their promise, and in the effort to do so, she prepared to make a deal with the Master to allow them to leave while she stayed in their "playground." Leonardo understood how Eve-1 felt but chose to follow her anyways, forcing himself to endure the pain of his eyes overheating in order to make sure she didn't drift into hopelessness. Eve-1 then admitted that she does not have any other plans to get everyone out of Exctinction. Given the state of things, Leonardo decided to take an even more significant gamble and set up a meeting for Eve with someone known only as "DA". Eve asked DA for help getting everyone out and, in the end, signed a blank check with DA for the aid she needed. Leonardo and Eve-1 then left the area in order to make it back to Sanctuary, as DA had left her a "present," as it were.

Chapter 5: Healing old wounds

When they returned, it was revealed the Creation Gate was back where it was before the Master swiped it, with a note attached to it from DA. Even then absorbed the Gate into her own systems preventing the Gate from being retaken. She then warped in one of the TEK MEKs they gained the knowledge of from the OSD. Anna then advised that the TEKgram they collected would disintegrate after 5 crafts before they would need to acquire another one. Eve-1 then began to discuss with the rest of the team who best to use as pilots for the MEK, but in the end, Eve and the others had their eyes swapped to dark brown. Althea and the End realized that Eve and the others were being possessed by Mother Tree, which caused Doctor Enigma to step in and disconnect her override from everyone, freeing Eve-1 and the others from her hold, resulting in Eve being scared due to the fact she can still latch on to them. Leo decided to create a device to scramble Mother Tree's ability to connect directly to them, causing his eyes to heat up to blazingly hot temperatures. Eve wondered why he would hurt himself to help her, and Leo and Althea mentioned that friends look out for each other, seemingly reminding Eve of something from her past. They then began to get ready to take on the Ice Titan, with Eve projecting another holo-hoverbike:
(Eve-1 stands there silently, staring at the ground)

(walks over to Evelyn) You alright?
[br]No matter where I am, no matter if I'm free of her or not, she's still able to do something like this to me...

(thinks for a moment) Got any idea here E?

You could make a device with my insight that could render her all but immune to that.

What would we need?

You have everything you need inside you already. Just tap into the matter construction part.

(starts manifesting the device needed)

(starts heating up blazingly hot)

(looks at him) Leonardo, what are you doing...?

Making a way to free you from her grasp.

A handheld device slowly forms in Leo's hand with a display showing a signal view.

That should work. Now, as long as you're in range of this device, she won't be able to directly control you like that.

(Eve looks at the device) You're... Doing this for me...?

Of course, I can't exactly let you get possessed like that. It honestly scared me.

It's what friends do for each other, right? Can't exactly let anything bad happen to them.

(Eve slowly bows her head, covering her eyes under her bangs) "Friend"....

Yeah, I won't disagree there. Friends look out for each other.

After all, it's only fair I return the favor.

T-Thanks... We should... Move also...

Alright, I'm going with.

Y-You coming too, Leonardo?

Of course. (he pockets the signal scrambler)

(Althea transforms into her Phoenix of Corruption state and flies up)

(Eve slightly smiles before turning around and projecting another Holo-Hoverbike) Hop on... (Hops on the Hoverbike)

(Leo hops on as well)

Might... Want to hold on back there as well...

(he holds on)

(Eve slowly reaches behind and holds his hands, slowly putting them on her sides) Hold.. on to me... (Revs up the Hoverbike)

(he blushes but does what she said)
— Leonardo, Althea, and Evelyn after Leo and Enigma freed Evelyn from Mother Tree's hold
They then went to quickly dispatch the Ice Titan, with Dorion two-shotting the titan using Eldrassil, the Blade of Life. Leo, Eve and Althea then went to go get the artifact to summon the Forst Titan. On the way there, they got ambushed by a pack of Purlovia who were waiting in the area. Althea and Leonardo prepared for a fight, but Eve suddenly dashed out towards the pack, completely demolishing them entirely on her own, causing both Leo and Althea to question why she suddenly chose to do that, to which Eve explained as follows:
(Althea walks to Eden) So what exactly was that for?

(Eve taps on her arm) I sometimes hate I have this automated function...

What automated function?

I don't exactly have a name for it, but I call it "The Web Module."

(Leo then asks) Web module?

To put simply... I'm in the middle of a massive system of webbings... Each person or entity I meet is then registered in a node on the web individually... At a certain point, if I discover the relation status of people with each other, that creates an intertwining node with each primary node.

So it's like a Web of Relations of people to you and those mutually too.

What makes this specific function relevant at this moment, though?

Certain nodes move farther from the central node, which is me, some are closer, and the closer certain nodes are to me... The more likely the Web's defensive systems suddenly start up, making me to want to defend those close to the central node.

Oh...--- (His eyes then start glowing)

Haven't really used this function since Elrianode...

Elrianode... You, along with the El Search Party, right?

Yup, alongside Azure and Raven...

That certainly was a long time ago now.

The first time... Someone wanted me to be their... Friend...

First... Time...?

Nevermind that, let's pick up the pace.
(Althea raises an eyebrow at that but decides to continue moving forward with Eve and Leonardo)
— Althea, Eve and Leonardo on the Web Module
While walking to the artifact, Althea and Leonardo began discussing something Althea had realized:
(Althea follows beside Leonardo) Haven't really seen Eve act like this...

It's understandable, given the circumstances she has dealt with.

No, I mean, like being open about things she normally doesn't talk about...

I see. That is true, although I have noticed something intriguing about her since I started observing your journey here.

Ever since I knew the other her, there's quite the difference between how open both of them are... She's almost, or if not, all the time, tends to keep to herself and share things in general to us if needed or important... Now she's more open...

They are the same person, aren't they? People evolve naturally over time. Who's to say she isn't evolving also.

Well... From what I understand, some of her programmings limit her...

Yes, that is true. But that programming used to also keep her from having a personality at all. Which doesn't seem to be an active limit anymore. Maybe Trinidad made the same changes that Damien made to Evelyn-2's systems. From the moment she showed herself back as that cloaked figure, she has shown herself to have much more of a personality than she originally was designed to have. And she no longer has the el shard to help her out there.

Well, her uncle is sometimes mysterious... And that pocket room is no exception either...

I won't argue there.

Also... (Slows down her walking before beginning to speak to Leonardo Telepathically) Who brought the Creation Gate back to Camp Omega earlier? I felt a familiar darkness linger from it for a moment when it came back... I don't know whose darkness it felt familiar to, but I kept getting the feeling you both had something to do with it.

(he sighs)[tp] I had a feeling you would recognize it. DA gave it back. The same one who forged the blade you hold by your side.

[tp]DA...? He's the one who made End...?

[tp] There is more to how the metaverse works than really anyone understands. You will get to find out for yourself if you choose the right path.

[tp]I guess then...
— Althea and Leonardo
Leonardo, Eve, and Althea then made it over to where the Artifact for the Forest Titan was located before collecting it. Eve said they would meet the others at the artifact location, only for Althea to point out the terminal was right in front of them. Althea then went to go grab the rest of the team from the entrance, and while they waited, Leo and Eve began discussing the history of the sunken forest. It was then that Evelyn mentioned something to him:
(Leonardo sits down beside Evelyn) you know, There is quite a bit of history hidden in this cave.

Hm? Like what?

Did you see the other tunnel on the way here?

Yeah... What about it...?

There is a separate device hidden there. One of the first Ascension Devices ever made. I think the locals called it "The Tomb of Ascension."

The first... Ascension device, huh...? Why was it called like that?

From the information I have on it, it's quite primitive compared to ascension methods today. It was called that because your body disintegrated on use and became a body of light and pure energy. One-way trip, so to speak.

Heh... Reminds me of the old Nasod way of achieving mirage state, minus the body disintegration.

(he chuckles) Yeah they do seem similar.

Also... I want to thank you, by the way...

Don't mention it; that's what friends are for. They look out for one another.

Before coming here, my only intention was just fulfilling my task of completing Eldrassil... But then... Something wanted me to get everyone out of here... No matter what I'd lose, no matter what happens to me, I was driven by the want to get everyone out... One way or another...

I can understand that feeling. But I am unsure what would happen if you didn't make it out with everyone. (His eyes then glow) Actually, scratch that. I know that it wouldn't end well. For anyone involved.

I made a promise to everyone since the Island... That I would get them all out... Morgan... Daniel... Everyone else we've met... And I'm not going to let them down...

I know you won't.

That... Was always the idea... Get everyone out, done... It felt like it was just another mess I had to clean up... Then you... Made me remember how important friends are...

(he smiles and just listens)

That concept was lost to me... After... She nearly destroyed me... Only cleaning up her mess and fixing things mattered to me after Triño rebuilt me...

(Leonardo Sighs)

(His eyes then begin to glow brightly as a voice can be heard emanating from them) I remember that event all too well. It's part of why we directly intervened shortly afterward.

Mark 2 lives a life without her evil intents anymore... While I stay behind the curtains and try to fix those damages she did...

You know, you should try and find something else to live for. The life of a puppetmaster constantly sitting behind the scenes is a lonely and boring one. I should know, I have been stuck in that role for pretty much my entire existence.

I haven't... Really got a thought into that exactly... Ever since I was rebuilt nearly 17 or so years ago after Salem was cleansed of her Grimm corruption, I went to fix the damages she did in the shadows... Because a part of me believed part of the damages done were because of me... A burden I needed to take off my shoulders...

You weren't responsible for that. You had no control of what happened there.

I know I wasn't... But my conscience speaks on itself otherwise... I also never wanted Mark 2 to get herself involved on what she had done, so I willingly fixed everything for her... Well, except for the time-space plane... She wanted to fix that on her own entirely... but yeah...

I can understand wanting to clean up the mess. After all, Erika wasn't the first Creator to recuse herself from her creations because of the weight of her actions.

And then... Earlier happened...

Yeah, that. Which required the one I got in a contract with to actually arrive himself to clean the mess up. Which means he at least still cares what happens here even though he recused himself back in the first age.

You know... I never really understood how emotions work... Human or not, one reason why I joined the El Search Party years ago, to learn more about them... But the party members weren't really the best of role models...

No, they really weren't. But they weren't exactly in the best position to be role models. With hell raining down on all sides of them.

Well not exactly all of them... Rena was like a Mother to the entire group... Elsword was just arrogant in combat, unlike him currently, who's improved so well; Aisha was just... What did Ray call that term again? "Tsundere" towards Elsword... Cronwell was just... As emo as Azure... Chung was just too hyperactive... Ara... Worse... Raven was just there also, but just wanted to finish the mission as quickly as possible... and then, there's Add, the weirdo friend...

Huh, almost all the different personality types on display here. Makes it an interesting dynamic to observe, I guess.

While they never really helped me find out what I wanted to learn... They were... Also, the closest thing I get as friends... Something I never wanted to remember until earlier... (sighs) Ever since my rebuilt, I never saw anyone as a friend like before, only comrades or something similar... But then... You... made me realize the importance of friends looking out for each other...

(he smiles) [i[Glad I could help respark your memory. True friends are something that are few and far between. But I am glad I can call you one of them.

(she smiles too) Even when we just met recently, you've... Done a lot to help me...

That's what friends do for each other isn't it? They help each other out. I can't exactly let one of my friends become a pawn for someone else to play with, after all.

Yeah... I guess you're right...
— Leonardo and Evelyn, while waiting for the others to arrive.
Leonardo then decided to show Evelyn what they were fighting for. While Eve and the others were not initially aware of this, leaving the Zone they ended up in was just one part of what they were working towards. Once the Master was defeated and the shadows cast by the malevolent influence of Terrotium banished, the final stages would finally begin, and the ARKs would return to the earth, seeding it with new life once more, with every last trace of the corruptive material purged from the surface. This only served to further motivate Eve to defeat the Master once and for all, and they quickly began the battle against the Lord of the Forest, speedily and easily slaying it before turning their attention to the King Titan. The King Titan was a Formidable force on its own, but the Master had another toy up their sleeve this time. The Creation Gate they swiped from Sanctuary earlier on, with a host of corrupted Dragoons, Vanguards, Legionnaires, and Energizers. The Master sent each of their corrupted versions out after the allied variants they were designed to counter, quickly taking a bunch of them on and destroying them.
Show spoiler
This caused Raymond to comment that the Master was learning really fast, even giving Kudos to them.
(Eve and her Allies warp in multiple allied alteran dragoons, vanguards and legionnaires and energizers in order to combat the hordes of corrupted dinos protecting the King Titan)

(formless presence) "You know those forces of yours are quite formidable. If only I had some of my own." (The Master starts chuckling a bit) "Oh wait! I do..." (they transition into maniacal laughter)

"What the hell is that crazy thing talking about?!" Denis says in response

(Shortly afterwards, corrupted versions of the dragoons, vanguard, legionnaires, energizers and disrupters start appearing.)

"That's not good... no wait, thats worse!" Althea says as the corrupted variants begin to show up

"Well let's hope he knows what each of those are weak to." Raymond replies

"We fight as one!" (the Legionnaires say in unison as they charge toward the corrupted Dragoons)

(the corrupted legionnaires then charge towards the Normal Dragoons)

"Oh he knows...:

(the Nasod Proto-Dragoon Enforcer Unit stay in position for now)

(the legionnaires engage their dash module and strike at the Corrupted Dragoons)

(The corrupted vanguards charge then charge the legionaries)

(the legionnaires engage the corrupted Vanguards next despite their weakness to them)

(moments later, the Nasod Proto-Dragoon Enforcer Unit activate their temporal shift and move towards the Corrupted Vanguard forces' rear)

(the corrupted energizers start charging the dragoon’s now instead)

(some of the Nasod Proto-Dragoon Enforcer Unit start firing at the corrupted Vanguards while some use their Photon ripper to create a rotating photon beam that hits the ground around the Dragoons as they move towards the Corrupted Energizers)

(some phase energizers move towards the remaining Legionnaires and fire photo-nanite beams at them, healing and keeping them up)

(the phase disrupters move around the Energizers and form a defensive perimeter)

(The Corrupted legionnaires then charge the normal dragoon’s as the corrupted energizers just support the corrupted troops)

(the Nasod Proto-Dragoon Enforcer Units continue firing)

(The Vanguards then charge at the Corrupted Energizers with their double-sided Photon War Axes)

(The corrupted dragoons turn to intercept the vanguards)

"Okay, he is in fact, learning so fast, kudos to you Mr. The Master."

(the Disruptors turn their directions towards the intercepting Corrupted Dragoons and fire their disruption relocation beams at the remaining Legionnaires)

(The Legionairres disappear and reappear in-between the path of the Corrupted Dragoons and the Vanguards)

(The Phase Energizers then fire their photo-nanite beams at the Corrupted Dragoons)

"I gotta admit... You're good..."

(The corrupted disrupters fire their relocation beams at the energizers, and they disappear as the corrupted dragoons phase teleport away. In their place are the corrupted disrupters which immediately fire on the legionnaires quickly destroying them)

"For the Ancients!" (The Alteran vanguards use their Chrono Berserk ability and engage the Disruptors as soon as the Legionnaires are defeated, quickly destroying them. However, something warps in more to immediately replace them)

"Clever girl. But you weren't exactly limited by numbers to begin with now were you?" The Master taunts

"Doesn't matter, As long as we all keep up fighting, we won't stop, and we'll never loose." Raymond replies back

The Master simply chuckles at his response

"And besides..." (Raymond says as 4 of the 5 TEK mechs have formed) "We were just holding back... A lot..."

"Ah yes, your trump card. Though I wonder how much of a trump card it would actually turn out being."

(The MegaMEK then forms, with Leonardo and Evelyn on top of it)
— The Final Showdown in the Forbidden Zone
With the Mega MEK on the field, the tide turned in favor of Evelyn and her Allies, as the MEGAMek quickly charged towards the King Titan, intent on laying the shadow to rest, The Master along with it. But, just as the tide seemed to turn in their favor, something was off, as the King Titan was not taking any damage at all from the MEK. As it turned out, the Master was using the Corrupted Energizers to shield the King Titan from any damage. Even so, it seemed the deck was still stacked against the Master. Each of the 4 corrupted energizers was then obliterated one after the other as Althea arrived on the Desert Titan, preparing to do the final blow to the King Titan and the Master. While the others were keeping the Master occupied taking on their corrupted troops and dino hordes, Althea began whisper-chanting as 4 purple runes began floating around her. Embracing the Darkness within her, Althea unlocked a new form, The Void of Darkness. Raymond then reminded the Master that he said they were holding out a lot, only for the Master to simply smile and remove all the corrupted troops from the battlefield, with the King Titan being the only thing there. Strangely it didn't even attack, as it seemed to be waiting for something. Althea then formed 6 purple 6-star pentagrams all around the King Titan, unleashing giant chains to restrain the King Titan in place. She then plunged the Sword of the End into the pentagram in front of her, causing giant versions of the Sword of the End to appear on all the sides facing the King Titan and stab into it, though this was dealing no apparent damage:
(pulls End back out) This.... (Holds End up) ...Ends.... (she suddenly flares up her powers as End then glows purple) ...Now!! (rockets towards the King Titan) Embrace of the Darkness!
— Void of Darkness Althea to the King Titan.
As Althea struck the King Titan, a flash of bright light appears where the King Titan once was, as they were dragged down into the very depths of the infamous "Nethervoid" to be constantly tormented in a hell of its own creation. Upon the defeat of the Master and the King Titan, Leonardo and Evelyn acquired the key of Gaia, allowing them to bring the ARKs back to the earth, healing the wounds created by the corruption brought on by Terrotium. But before Leonardo could activate the Reseed Protocol, the Fa'Dorei all heard an ear-piercing bong emanating from everywhere at once before everyone else also heard it. Leonardo counted the bongs and mentioned they had just lost the Multiverse, as the Oblivion Clock had stuck at 10 PM. Althea then realized the Master goaded her into using an attack strong enough to disrupt the forces of creation and destruction and inch them closer to the end of the 4th Era. Leonardo then wasted no time in activating Reseed Protocol, sending the message for the ARKs to return to the earth, allowing the planet to heal once more. The Overseer then arrived before them, informing them that the Barrier keeping them from returning was now down, as every trace of terrotium from the planet would be purged away by the ARKs. Just as Evelyn and the crew were preparing to leave, Denif, Kael'Thas, Alessendra, and Althea sensed a familiar presence approaching. Edmund Rockwell, the corrupted overseer of the Aberration ARK, had somehow survived. When the Aberration ARK returned to earth, he escaped and began absorbing terrotium in an attempt to regain their strength before facing them once more:
(Althea looks in front of her) He's not dead...

Not by a longshot. Though I will give you credit. You weakened me quite a bit, then. It took absorbing a lot of my precious metal to bring me back to my prime

We defeated you already... And we'll do it again...

(Evelyn turns into her Code Override State) Whatever... It takes...

(Rockwell snickers) Aren't you a sweet one, Evelyn? But I think you remember this one (one of his tentacles reconfigures and shoots off a photon discharge) Think it almost killed you last time.

Agh!! (Eve Gets thrown back) (changes back as the discharge seem to have hit her close to her chest)G-Ghack...

(grips on End tightly) Why... (She starts glowing as her powers begin to slowly flare up)

sweet dreams, my young queen.... (Rockwell snickers again)

(Leo jumps back and heads to Evelyn) I will handle Evelyn; you all deal with Rockwell's resurgence.

(Althea starts floating upwards) Won't... (Holds End in front of her as her powers seem to have suddenly skyrocketed as everything around them is basked in darkness, coming from her entirely.)

(William feels her power) U-Uh...

(Denif feels her power too) I-I think she's got this...

(Leonardo heads towards Evelyn) Uh, E? How do I fix this?

(His eyes glow)Applying the blue flame should purge the discharge from her systems and repair the damages caused.

(Leo then forms the blue flame in his hand slowly)

(his eyes start flaring up to blazing hot levels)

...You... (A silhouette of a large Phoenix appears behind her)

(Althea's Corrupted Phoenix flickers into view for a second)

(Rockwell snickers) Ah yes, embraces that darkness inside you just as I once did.


(The rest of the Elves are then affected by the screeching noise Althea seems to be emitting.)

(explosively transforms into a giant Purple glowing Phoenix, screeching so loud enough to break the barriers of reality)

Althea! Stop!! He's using yo-!!!

(She spreads her wings back and flicks them towards Rockwell, shooting out purple feathers imbued with the Purple flame)

(Rockwell gets disintegrated slowly but it can be seen that he has a wicked smile over his face)
— Rockwell's short lived Resurgence
With the death of Rockwell at the hands of Althea's Corrupted Phoenix form, the Fa'Dorei's ears began hurting for an entirely different reason, as 11 bongs rang out throughout everywhere at once, indicating they had reached 11 PM and had now lost Arcruxes. This made Althea completely distraught as she realized Rockwell had tricked her just as the Master did. Leonardo did not pay attention to this as he was busy saving Evelyn's life. After the Photon Discharge was cleared from Evelyn's systems, Evelyn suddenly hugged Leonardo without any warning, somewhat startling him, but after hesitating, he hugged her back as well. The Overseer then disabled the field, allowing everyone to leave, with Althea rocketing off first. He then said he needed to "Find a way to buy them more time, as they were running well behind schedule." Leaving Raymond and Evelyn to handle restoring the worlds digitized off by the Coluon, The Overseer vanished off. A few moments later, the clock was somehow walked back to 9 PM.

Chapter 6: The Trial of the 6 Chosens

As the barriers keeping everyone from leaving the Exclusion Zone had fallen, Raymond wasted no time on rolling back all of the worlds to the state they were in before ARK protocol was engaged and pulled everyone into the ARKs. Evelyn Alpha then made Morgan, and the other Lost an offer to live in Elysion for the time being. Though Morgan was willing to take the offer, she and the rest of the SGC were starting to turn to ink as the time Morgan bought them had run out. Before they could vanish off entirely, though, DA appeared before them and replenished their time, as Eve had made a deal with him to ensure everyone made it off the planet safely, and as DA put it, Morgan and the SGC were part of that everyone. Evelyn and Leonardo then teleported into Phoenix Corps HQ to retrieve the Houkai Serum left by Phoenix before he left. There they met up with Kizuna and Damien before heading straight to Sanctuary to meet with Mark 2. They arrived to find Cyan's Cabin appearing run down as if abandoned for several hundred years, with a shotgun boobytrap at the door having somehow been changed to turn facing the sleeping android who placed it there. Evelyn, Kizuna, and Damien entered the cabin, only for the gun to shoot off, ricocheting all across it before hitting Cyan in the Crotch, immediately waking them up. Evelyn Alpha then quickly asked Cyan where Mark 2 was, and he led them over to the bedroom, where she was still deep in sleep. Leonardo then asked for Cyan to hand over the ring so they could reawaken her before attempting to hand it to Evelyn. Unfortunately, Evelyn could not even hold the ring as it was designed to disable her in case she went rogue. Luckily for them, Raymond arrived carrying a gift for Eve-2 and Cyan:
(walks in carrying a pan of casserole) Mhm! Got something for you both as well.

Did you just raid my fridge for casserole?

I made this as a gift to you and Eve.

Ray, get over here!!!

(puts the pan on the table and walks into the bedroom) My...

God dammit, more casserole is the last thing we fucking need.

(chuckles a bit) may have been a few months too late for that gift.

Cut to the chase, Kizuna, give him the ring.

Okay. (Gives it to Raymond)

Hm, reboot mode?

Yes please!

I'll just put it in the deep freezer with the other 24 pans of casserole.

(several micro tools on Raymond's fingers, then start reconfiguring the ring) There we go. (Hands it to Eve)

(She slowly reaches and holds it)Oookay, guess you did it then.

(Another 80 pans forms of casserole then form on the counter with a note attached: How about we make it 106?—DA)

Well, let's wake her up then.

(Evelyn walks towards Eve 2 wearing the ring before placing her hand with the ring on it on her forehead)

(suddenly starts shaking erratically as she reboots) Evelyn Mark II Rebooting in progress....

(Evelyn takes her hand off of Mark II's forehead)

(a gauntlet appears on Cyan's right hand before he snaps his fingers, intending to erase all 106 casserole pans. 53 of them still persist with a new note attached: You forgot that move only wipes out half, didn't you?—DA)

(continues the reboot progress, moments later, she finishes reboot before suddenly sitting up from the bed) Everyone'sMemoriesArePreservedAndSavedAdelynIsSecuredEverythingIsGoingAsPla--!

(Evelyn smacks her upright behind the head)


Whatever happened to splitting the workload?

I... Got carried away...

Evelyn then informed Eve II just how delayed they were as they hurriedly prepared to head to Edge and gather the rest of the 6 Chosens for their destined battle in the Eversource. Upon arrival in Edge, they gathered the 6 chosens for their destined battle to restore the Eversource. With the 6 El Masters granting the Chosens of the next generation, the doors to the Eversource finally unlocked, as the race to restore stability to the Dimensional Chamber began. Elesis then asked Abaddon to open a portal to Henir's Void of Time and Space so they could deal with Sirin. A few moments later, Sirin's prisoners were freed as Henir's Void began to collapse in on itself in its entirety. As the others were wondering where Elesis ended up, the Wraith of Destiny's mask cracked, revealing that it was Gabbie Garcia who was trying to stop Elesis from going to face Sirin.

Chapter 7: The search for Elesis

20 years after the stabilization of the Eversource and Elesis's Disappearance, Leonardo and Evelyn spent almost every waking hour trying to find where Elesis ended up. While they were waiting for the radar to find her, Eve-1 decided to ask Leonardo something.
(Eve sighs) It's gonna take a long time for us to find her... (sits down by the steps)

(Leo sits next to her) We will find her, I am sure of it. It's only a matter of time.

Yeah... (ponders) Hey, Leo, can I ask you something?

What does it feel to be purely human...?

I guess that's an interesting question. For one, you have a full spectrum of emotions. The human mind is probably one of the more complex ones that exists. I guess I would say you really would only know how it feels when you are one. (he mumbles) And you never realize what you have until it's gone. (returns to regular volume) Normal is defined by what society decides anyways. If you're asking if it would be worth changing your nature, I would ask if that's what you would want.

(mumbles) You only know how it feels when you are one...

It's hard to describe, is what I mean.

I guess...

(Leo's eyes then begin to glow as a voice emits from them) If you wish to change your nature, I would ask you if that's what you want.

I'm okay with what I am, don't worry. (smiles)

Then that's all any of us care about. (the glow in his eyes subsides afterward)

Hmm... What i-?
— Evelyn-1 and Leo on the meaning of being Human
Before Eve-1 could finish that thought, the radar beeps, showing its detected heat signatures similar to Elesis in Elrios. Leonardo and Evelyn quickly headed to Varnmyr to meet up with the others and find her. Everyone then split off to try and find where Elesis is. Yang paired up with Gordon, Cyan with Eve-2, and Leonardo paired up with Evelyn Alpha. Leonardo and Evelyn then headed over to Rigomar. While on the way there, Evelyn decided to tell Leonardo about one of the lesser-known locations in Feint, the land of Encantasia:
There's actually a whole other area further north of Elrianode and Elrios. Beyond the Snowy Mountains.

That's one of the lesser-known areas, isn't it?

Yup, further south, there's the Southlands most natives call "Encantasia".

Huh, that's in Feint?


That's quite an interesting place from what I have heard about.

That's one way to describe it...

Would the phrase "enchanting" describe it accurately?

(she chuckles) Spot on. Now that I think about it, most of the species there are similar to that of those from Arcruxes.

An interesting observation. Though not entirely a surprising one.

The Mulawins are the closest relatives of the Windians also. The only downside is that Mulawins aren't really good at magic like Windians do.

Interesting difference there. I assume the simafortians have a similar equivalent there as well?

As a matter of fact, there is, the Atlantikans, though they don't exactly breathe long underwater...

Huh, that's an interesting difference there. A bit paradoxical, though. What other species exist there?

There's the Hathorians... Equivalent of Dologancians.

I assume that means there are also equivalents of infinitians as well?

Unfortunately, no.

Hmm, so which species have equivalents, then? Other than what you already listed, of course.

Hmm... To be honest, most of them are all mixed types, though I do remember the Wynlons have an equivalent here. Ravenas.

That's definitely interesting. Though if everything was the same, it would make creation boring after a while. I guess it's a good thing they aren't carbon copies of species from arcruxes.

There's also a unique type of species there... Humans that have animal genetics but aren't exactly animals, to begin with.

That's intriguing.
— Evelyn and Leonardo, while traveling to Rigomor
A few moments later, they arrived in Rigomor and spoke to the resident priestesses to see if they knew where Elesis was. Sasha and Anduran quickly advised that they had not seen her, but they did see a girl who looked slightly like her earlier in the market. Armed with this information, Evelyn and Leonardo went to try and find her before quickly going to follow her. Unfortunately, they disappeared before Eve and Leonardo could ask her what she knew, having used teleportation to get away.
Teleportation... But that girl... That somehow looked like Elesis...

It is strange indeed.

(goes silent as she looks around, having a slight uneasiness) We're being watched...

(he takes a look around) That we are. The question becomes, by who?

(Activates Code Override Mode and aims her hand up on the nearby roof, ready to fire a propulsion beam)

(Someone can be seen sitting on the roof) On a scale of 1 to 10, how weird if I was to say, "Long time no see, Delacruz."?

(Eve Disengages the propulsion been before changing back) Guardian 0-0, a.k.a. the Lady of Insanity...

Long time no see, Delacruz.

Oh, hello there.

Looks like you made some new friends of your own while we were in the dead zones.


(0-3 walks in the alleyway) She isn't exactly the only one who got released, Delacruz.

(0-7 phases out from the nearby wall) Ditto...

Guardian 0-3 and Guardian 0-7...

(0-0 giggles as she jumps down and joins them)

First of all, how did you three get out of your respective dead zones?

We're under orders by Miss Ellen to find 0-1. He's gone off the grid for almost 20 years now.


(0-0 nods) Mhm, he was left on a job to find Rachel, but he never reported back nor he could be traced.

Huh, so 0-1 gets released by Erika and goes missing, then ellen releases you 3.

Well, we don't know where 0-1 is if that's what you're wondering.

Actually, that's not it at all.

(raises an eyebrow) What do you mean?

We noticed you both were following that redhead girl earlier.

What about her?

Intel we collected for the past years here led us to believe that girl has been seen going around this land with 0-1 sometimes... Along with another redhead girl.

So... What you're saying...

Who we're looking for and who you're both looking for could be together.

Indeed, how about we work together then?


We won't bite, Delacruz, if that's what you're worried about. (0-0 giggles)

Well, to be fair, you, out of the three, worry me the most.

A fair point.

Our priority is to find 0-1; anything else is second. We honestly don't want to upset the Master now, do we?



For what it's worth, it pays to have extra eyes about; how does it sound to you, Leo?

That seems logical to me. And ellen trusts them enough to release them, so that is enough for me to trust them.
— Evelyn, Leonardo, Guardian 0-0, Guardian 0-3, and Guardian 0-7
0-7 then revealed to Evelyn and Leonardo that the girl they were following goes by the name of Elise and that she always seems to arrive at the docks at the start of the day before teleporting off like they did when Leonardo and Eve arrived. Leonardo and Eve chose to try again tomorrow as it was getting quite late, and so they made their way back to the Inn to regroup with the others. Yang and Gordon then mentioned Franklin noticed something, so Eve asked Franklin what they noticed. Franklin's info was less than helpful, save for one detail that stuck out to Leonardo:
Remember being at that well thing, and then half of me walked by, then I think that was following it, I remember falling vaguely, then something about God being out of mercy, and I think I walked around some more. It's all kind of hazy.
— Franklin on what they noticed.
Leonardo very quickly deduced that when Franklin said "Half of him" walked by, he was referring to seeing one of his children. Mayushiko then got the idea to ask the Lamp of Knowledge where Elesis was. Ruby felt that seemed a bit unnecessary but eventually agreed to use the Lamp to get the answer.
Jinn... How will we find Elesis in Elrios...?

(chuckles) Isn't it obvious?


(leans towards her) You know exactly how to find her...

(Leo sighs and looks at his watch)

(slowly goes back to the Lamp) It's just the matter of finding out... (goes back completely)


OK. I think it's time we all get some rest. That's enough excitement for one day. Ruby? Do you mind If I discuss something with you before you turn in?

Y-Yeah... Sure...

The rest of you should head to bed; we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow.

(Everyone else heads to their rooms in the inn as Ruby waits for Leonardo)

So. You got the bond but haven't activated it yet, I assume? I can understand why tbh.

(Ruby sighs) Not... exactly... I kind of already did... But I didn't want to exactly have everyone find her...

Then you and I share something in common. We both are the only ones here that know exactly where she is, but are not telling the rest of the group currently.

Yeah, I know... but... there's something that... doesn't want her to be found... I know it sounds weird... But she herself doesn't exactly want others to find her... I don't know why...

The concealment barrier. The reason they couldn't see her heat signature but instead saw her daughters. I am not revealing her location because it isn't time yet. But Jinn just triggered the event chain that leads to her location being revealed to the group. So sooner or later, someone will have to tell the group. Though we don't have to lead them directly there. It would be safer to have them find her organically.

(Ruby sighs again) We'll go talk to Nisha tomorrow... She's the one who knows where the island is...

That was my thoughts as well. One more thing. I know the burden that you hold, knowledge you have that you probably shouldn't but could be helpful to reveal, is always a tricky situation to be in. If you ever need someone to talk to about this, I am all ears. There aren't many people who understand the curse we have.

Thanks, Leo... (starts walking to her room) Alpha... really is lucky to have someone like you, you know...?

I am the lucky one tbh. (he starts manipulating some multicolored energy in his hand)
The next morning, Leonardo, Evelyn, and the others met up at the Varnmyr Citadel to ask Nisha where Elesis was. At first, Nisha denied knowing where she was, only for Ruby to point out that Nisha saved her 20 years ago. Nisha then admitted knowing where they were and told them where to find the Island she rose from the sea 20 years back. On the journey there, Leonardo started working on shaping a ball of energy into a Mobius ring, being extremely cautious not to let Eve see he was making it. As soon as they arrived on the Island, they ran into Rachel and 0-1, who was not expecting anyone to find them. Elesis then came out after hearing the commotion outside, with the others quickly hugging her. A few moments later, Evelyn noticed Leo holding the ring:
Well that went better than expected. (he holds the ring in his hands for a few seconds)

(sees the ring)What's that? A ring?

(he tenses up suddenly) Ummm. Yes. It's a Mobius ring, the same variant we gave the chosens. I managed to get authorization to make one extra.

Huh... And for who?

Well, it's for you. (he tenses up again) If you want it, of course.

(surprised) W-What...?

there are a lot of events to come, and at the end of this age, all of this comes to an end. I move on because of my purpose. I can't bear to think about the fact that you wouldn't. So I made a deal and got authorization to make one more of these. So if you want to have it, it's yours.

I'd... I'd love to... Leo...

(Eve-2 can then be heard spying on them from behind le door) Aww, that's so sweet...

(Cyan can also be heard whispering) You shouldn't spy on people.

Shh, they're gonna hear us...

You do realize we can hear you both, right...?


Quick hide! (Cyan pulls Eve-2 into phase space with him)

We're both literally standing by the door, and you both are behind said door.

(Leo just sighs) Anyways, (he hands her the ring) Here, it should have enough charge to get you into the next age.

Thanks... for the ring, Leo... It... made me happy...

I am just happy you accepted it. I can't bear to lose you.

(smiles but then slowly frowns) Anyway, we should... head in... (turns around and heads in first)

Yeah we should.(follows her)
— Leonardo and Evelyn,
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along with eavesdropper Eve-2 and Cyan
They both then made their way inside to see Yang and the others try to help convince Elesis to come back home with them but not be able to do so:
After that fight with Gabbie... Something came into me that made me think... Wherever I go... Danger always seems to follow... Then that got me thinking... I wasn't going to be able to settle peacefully if danger always comes for me... So that's why I chose to settle here, away from everything else... I was blessed with 2 wonderful twin daughters as well, Elise and Elaine...

I can understand that sentiment. Though I would say, it's not entirely accurate. From my observations, danger hasn't been following you. From your time in the trees, to the time in Remnant and the time in the GDA and the Bermuda sector. Danger hasn't followed you; change has. In The Trees of Eternity, your actions, along with your friends here, stopped the lotus and united the entire nebula. On Remnant, thanks to your bravery, the broken planet is now whole again. Everywhere you have gone, you have made a lasting difference for the rest of the people around you.

Yeah... You don't have to live this solitary life, Elesis; come back with us; we all miss you so much...

Look... I should be dead... But I'm not... I was given a second chance at life... And this life is my second chance...
— Elesis and Leonardo
Yang then asked if Franklin could have a say in this one as Gordon released franklin from the marble he was put in, allowing Franklin to meet their children. Sadly, this was not enough to get Elesis to come back home with them, but Franklin stayed with Elesis, with Elesis telling the rest of them they could visit anytime they wished. Eve Alpha and Leonardo then headed off along with the others.

Chapter 8: To become Human

A bit after they found Elesis, Evelyn Alpha, Eve-2, and Leonardo noticed strong energy readings coming from Remnant. Readings that they hadn't seen for the past 36 years. Eve Alpha quickly realized that these readings came from Cinder, who somehow had come back to life despite the fact Ruby killed them a long while back. Eve-2 went to warn Weiss about their arrival before Evelyn Alpha, and Leonardo headed to Elysion to observe the desolation of Elrianode in the distance. Leonardo then received a message from the other Watchers asking him what to do with the Soul Stone they were ordered to release by Management. Leonardo was not paying much attention and more or less told the watchers that they "could release it in their backyard for all I care," which resulted in the watchers quite literally releasing Adam Taurus in Yang's backyard. Moments later, Leonardo and Evelyn Alpha were taken to the White Room by Anna. As she proceeded to berate Leonardo for his actions.
(standing on the white plane with Evelyn Alpha)

What the..? Where..? Where are we...?

The white room. Effectively a pocket dimension. Whatever this entity wants, she clearly wants to minimize the potential for causing issues to your realm.

(The pink energy blob coalesces as Anna forms in front of them) You aren't exactly wrong.

Anna...? What are you doing here?

Ah, So what did I do this time to warrant an abrupt visit to the white room?

You broke the terms of our contract not once, not twice but three times. How many times have we told you the watchers are not supposed to interfere in intrarealm affairs?

Is this about the arks or the soul stone? Because the arks, you all gave me prior authorization. And all of us know he needed to be released.

Yes but releasing him in their backyard was beyond stupid.

(facepalms) Did they actually do that? I told them I didn't care where they released him.

You and I both know W1-4 can't act without getting orders from W0. You told them "Release it in their backyard for all I care" which translates in order speak to "Release it in their backyard."

(he facepalms)

(silently chuckles)

And if you were paying attention to what you were supposed to be doing, you would have had the mindset to realize you gave that order. Consider this a warning. Don't make such a glaring mistake again. (dissipates and collapses the white room)

— Leonardo, Evelyn Alpha, and Anna
After Anna sent them back from the White Room, Leonardo returned to reading his HUD before noticing red light spilling out of two separate lakes. Leonardo asked if it meant anything to Herbaon and Evelyn Alpha, and they quickly realized what it meant, the seals holding Baal and Diablo were weakening. Evelyn Alpha told Herbaon to initiate a contingency protocol, allowing everyone to head to the Eastern Peninsula once Mephisto makes for the Ocean. Sometime later, Evelyn Alpha began looking into something on her hologram before heading to Trinidad to ask them something. Herbaon mentioned to Leonardo that she is conflicted between her duty and her desire to become close to him, to become human once more. After a bit of waiting, Evelyn Alpha returned after having been transformed into a human by Damien upon her request. On her way out. Evelyn Alpha had dropped the ring she was handed by Leonardo earlier on, so Damien sent it back to Leo with the instructions that "now you can do it right."
(Evelyn Alpha walks out of the rift)

(Herbaon looks towards her in awe) She... She's...

(Leonardo looks as well) She's Beautiful.

(blushes) T-Thanks...

(Herbaon looks at both at them) I will leave you both then... (floats over to the Matrix Citadel's spire)

(smiles) You look absolutely stunning, Evelyn.

T-Thanks... I.. I ah.. I... (stammers)
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Ooohhh what am I doing?! Talk Evelyn! Say something to him!! Come onn!!! You can do this!! Stop being a pansy and talk to him!!!

It's alright. I know what it's like to be nervous around someone you care about. (takes her hand and does a relaxation technique to calm her down)

(she tenses up a bit but slowly calms down)

That better?

(nods) Y-Yeah...

Glad to hear. It may take some getting used to having all these new emotions. Especially since they were limited before.

Y-Yeah... It's just that... For some reason, it all feels so new to me... Even with already having the knowledge about them already... Guess experience and knowing are not so same after all...

They really aren't. Intellectual knowledge and practical knowledge are very different. You may have known about every emotion that exists, but that is very different from experiencing them all yourself. I am more than willing to help out with understanding these new emotions if you wish.

Thanks, Leo. I would really, really, really like that.

Don't mention it. I really do care about you, after all.

Speaking of new emotions. (pulls a small golden case out of his pocket)

U-Uhh... L-Leo.... W-What's that...?

(smiles and opens it up revealing the glowing ring while getting close to her)

(is in a bit of a surprise as she blushes) L-Leo... W-What is this? W-What's going on...?

I think it's time I give this to you properly this time. Evelyn, you are the most amazing person I have ever met. In all my time across creation, I have never met a soul like yours. (goes down on one knee while holding the case up to her)

(completely stammering to herself as she blushes even more)
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Wha-Wha-What am I gonna do?!?! Everything feels so new to me!! This feeling!! That feeling!! All of these feelings!!! Say something to him!!
(gathers herself up, but still a little bit tense)
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Wait, what am I supposed to say?!
E-Eh..!! T-Thank... you...?
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Crap, that's not what I wanted to say...!!

(he smiles and takes the ring out and slides it on to her finger)

(gets too excited and happy as she then suddenly hugs Leo) Yes, Yes, Yes!!! I do! I do!!

(hugs her back)

(lets go) H-Hey... Leo... I... I was wondering...

What about?

Now that... I'm my own person... Think you could... Give me a name of my own now...? I know Eve is already someone else's name... (suddenly stammers out) B-But if you p--prefer that o-one...!! We-We'll stick to th-that one...!!!

(thinks for a moment) How about, Eden?

Eden.. I like that. Wait! No ! I love it! I mean you!! I mean the name! I like it..! Yes, it suits me well...!!

Glad to hear. I think it suits you very well also, Eden.
— Leonardo and Evelyn Alpha(Now Eden)
At that moment, Leonardo gave Evelyn Alpha the same gift Kizuna gave Damien, a name entirely her own.

Chapter 9: A Gift from the Pioneer

After Leonardo finished proposing to Eden, she asked Leo where they could go to be alone for a bit. Leonardo suggested they visit the Genesis Seed, and using his power, he opened a portal there, taking Eden with her. Upon Arrival, they ended up in a serene flat plane, with a single tree at the center. Beyond the sky covering the boundary of the plane, they both could see a mirage of a much larger tree with a figure sitting below it. Leonardo and Eden chose to check out who this figure was, so they attempted to head through the skywall to see who they were. Luckily for them, the figure appeared to want to take to them as well. As such, after Leo and Eden crashed headfirst into the wall, they simply waved their arm, digitizing the wall away, before creating a long glowing path leading to where they were waiting for Leonardo and Eden. As Leo and Eden walked down the path, images could be seen flying in the air alongside them, showing various individuals both Leo and Eden recognized as well as some that neither did, with a set of data and percentages attached to each image. Eden asked Leo what they were seeing, and Leo told them that he was unsure himself; they had never gotten to see this area before. At the end of the path, they came face to face with the figure sitting up against a massive tree with green leaves that almost seemed to glow in their presence.
(Eden walks up to the man) H-Hi...?

(The Pioneer swipes away the holopanel) Hello evelyn. Or should I now call you Eden?

H-How... did you know my old and new name...?

Simple, I have spent the past few thousand millennia plotting destined paths. Allow me to show you. (swipes back the Holopanel and drags something onto the wall in front of them, On the Wall seems to be Evelyn's life from day one. But not all of it follows how it went down. Percentages are also on every clip playing on the wall.)

So... You've been threading our paths for us...

Not exactly. I calculate the likelihood a path will be followed but very rarely do I get involved to favor one path or another. I would much rather let the will of those involved dictate the path followed. It's only when the dangers of not intervening outweigh the problems caused by my interference that I get involved at all. I only get involved if the danger to the timeline is greater with the path currently chosen. Then I may make slight nudges to choice individuals with the purpose of edging them onto a better path.

I see...

That being said your potential does interest me quite a bit. You're fully human now, which means you don't have the power your Nasod form had. but humans aren't defenseless. If anything you unlocked a potential you could not have as a Nasod.

A... Potential...?

As a Nasod, you couldn't easily work with Magic, but as a human, those limitations are lifted. (takes a black gold-tipped pen and starts writing something down)


With everything that's about to go down, you can't exactly stay defenseless. Leo has a bunch of abilities through his gift, but if he uses his magic too much without allowing them to cool off, his gift will shatter, which will effectively kill him. (finishes writing down what he was going to, as the landscape changes around them as 26 glowing symbols form around them)

W-What's this...?

Lets see, Materius no.(swipes and the aspect disappears) Realius, not that one.(also disappears) Gaius. hmm. Eh, not powerful enough. (disappears) Temporius. No not worth teaching time manipulation. (swipes it away) Fatius, No, that's not worth the time either. Cyclius that should suffice. (all the other aspects then dissipate as the aspect for primal cycle magic stays.) (The Pioneer then speaks to the aspect though strangely, no one here can comprehend what is being said) Very well, Then. (the aspect then "nods" its head before approaching Eden)

What's this...?

The incarnation of one of the aspects of the oldest and most primal form of magic in the metaverse. I got it to agree to impart the knowledge on how to use it given there is a similar power that derives from it that comes from teldrassil.

Something similar to that from T'Drassiel...?

This is the aspect of Cyclius. Or as more well-known Primal Cycle Magic. The Modern day equivalent that Elria made actually derives from this aspect.

Cycle Magic... The Universal power of the El and those that come after...

Believe it or not, Cycle magic is much much more ancient than the El. But I don't think even Elria knows where her magic derived from.

Most of the metaverse has yet to figure out the framework where their modern magic equivalents get their power.

Well, she kind of did start Cycle magic independently from the well. That's all we know, really. (murmurs to herself) She really never tells anyone else how she got Cycle magic to begin with...

(chuckles a bit) I doubt even she knows where she got it. ANYways, the aspect of Primal Cycle magic has agreed to impart onto you the knowledge on how to use itself. It wants your agreement, though. "This power only is given to those who wish for it."

(nods) Alright then, I will also use this power for the better good as well.
— The Pioneer and Eden
In that instance, the Pioneer granted Eden access to the power of Primal Cycle Magic. Eden then spent some time with the Pioneer to practice with using this new power they were granted. First, the Pioneer had Eden try out her new powers on a few dummies before creating figments of old foes they had faced before. Eden was able to take on both trials without issue, but The Pioneer noticed Eden was still only tapping into powers from the modern variant of Cycle Magic. In an attempt to push Eden to use the full potential she just unlocked, The Pioneer made a difficulty tweak for the subsequent trial, summoning several lines of mechs from what he called was "another time":
2 factions battled for supremacy on the world these came from. It was amusing to watch though frankly, it would have been wiser to work together to defeat what their shared enemy was. As per usual, humanity bounces between two states at all times. Fighting amongst each other, and fighting together against a much greater threat. I can't imagine why they couldn't agree their common enemy was a greater threat and worth banding together. Though they did have times when they did work together to fight acolytes of this threat.
— The Pioneer
Eden was hesitant about if they would be able to pass this test but proceeded to try, forming a massive lance above her, completely engulfing the lines of mechs in a small Hurricane created from the Lance. She then proceeded to fill the hurricane with fire, using a telekinetic barrier to keep the fire concentrated entirely inside the hurricane. After all the Mechs were sucked into the hurricane, Eden exploded the hurricane in its entirety, completely erasing all the mechs the Pioneer created. The Pioneer then gave Eden one final test, as they summoned a Giant Ninja Like Mech. Eden began to focus as her shadow expanded outwards, creating several clones of herself. Each one held a blueish-purple ball of energy that crackled with immense power. A mark then began to form on Eden's chest as she activated Elemental Sage Style, drawing the orb back before casting "Giant Empowered Cero Edge! Sage style chain!" on the Mech along with her other clones, causing the Lightning cero orb Eden threw to link to the others, as they hit the mecha, they entwine onto it, bouncing all over the Mech. As one orb hits the Mech, the rest bounce around it, repeating the process over and over. This very quickly overwhelmed the Mech, causing it to collapse, resulting in Eden passing The Pioneer's Final test.

Chapter 10: To end an Era.

And as it turns out, Eden passed the test just in the nick of time, as Baal just broke loose from their seal in Edge. Eden and Leonardo quickly returned to Elysion to warn Herbaon but were too late, as Mephisto was already in view with their armies. Feeling guilty for taking Eden's time and refusing to sit idly by while Mephisto lays waste to Elysion, Leonardo activates his Perception Alteration ability, concealing Elysion entirely from view while Herbaon and Eden work to evacuate the city to Tempest Keep. Leonardo planned to buy as much time as he could for Eden, hurting himself immensely in the process due to overusing his abilities in an attempt to send Mephisto on a goose chase chasing a fake Elysion.
(Leonardo steps out and looks towards Mephisto's armies as a ripple effect forms around elysion as it disappears and moves to the opposite side of the plane, causing his eyes to heat up from using his ability) Go! Get everyone out of here. I bought us an hour!

Herbaon! Now!

Initiating alarm. (Alarms all across Elysion can then be heard as the entire city is then put into an emergency situation.) Evacuation is in progress.

I just hope we have ample time to evacuate everyone completely for Tempest Keep.

I--- I will buy us as much time as I can. (his eyes continue to heat up as the abilities are overused and start burning his face as several ships then start floating up all over Elysion before jump-warping off to Tempest Keep, several at a time.)

Leo, your face..!! You're overusing your abilities!

and If I don't, then we won't be able to save everyone. (his eyes continue to heat up)

Leo! Stop it! You'll hurt yourself!

(Leo's eyes continue to heat up)

(winces in pain as he feels the heat continue to burn him) Not as much as it would if you aren't safe in the end. I spent the better part of 4 ages watching terrible things occur and doing nothing but observing and recording what was happening. I am not going to sit idly by this time. If I can make sure you and your people can get to safety, then I would gladly lay down my life for that to happen. (his eyes continue to heat up and burn him)

L-Leo... B-But.. if something bad happens to you, I won't be able to find it in me to forgive myself! Please, Leo!

And I would never be able to forgive myself if something happened to you, and it was in my power to prevent it. (his eyes then start cracking, and the illusion wall falls as his eyes get damaged from overuse) (falls to the ground from the pain) Damn it, I failed. I thought I had a little more time I could buy.

Leo! (kneels down beside him)
— Leonardo and Eden, in the final hours before Elysion fell
Thankfully, Leonardo was able to buy enough time to allow Eden and Herbaon to evacuate everyone. Still, with his eyes starting to crack, he lost control of the illusion wall, causing it to collapse, revealing to Mephisto that Elysion had not moved, as they quickly headed back to where the city stood. Herbaon summoned the Nasod Guardian Leviathans to hold them off before regrouping with Leonardo and Eden at Tempest Keep. The Nasod Guardians managed to keep Mephisto at bay for a time. Still, Mephisto overwhelmed them before taking over the abandoned city and headed over to Tempest Keep, where the Nasod, the El, and all the other refugees across Feint evacuated to. William, Fenriart, and Lady Elria continuously bombarded the bottom of the mountain in an attempt to keep Mephisto's armies from climbing the mountain and reaching Tempest Keep. Leonardo offered to buy them more time, but Eden talked him out of it, saying he already did enough at Elysion. Unfortunately, while everyone else was distracted with keeping Mephisto's Armies at bay, Mephisto himself flew up towards the top alone before proceeding to Impale Elria with her claws. This was all it took to get Leonardo to risk his life and bring create a barrier to push Mephisto back down the mountain. Still, as it turned out, the Morai had other plans with him, as the other Watchers jumped through the barrier and pushed him aside to attempt to hold the barrier himself, with Watcher-3 using the aspect of Temporius to rewind the damage done to Elria. After getting up and realizing what they were doing, Leonardo quickly yelled at all 4 of them as he knew full well that holding that thing up was a death sentence. Watchers 1 through 4 mentioned it would be the same death sentence for him before silently using their combined power to hold the barrier up. This proved to be a futile effort, however. As it turned out, not only were the Relics on the 4 Watchers beginning to crack but so were Leo's eyes. Leonardo realized that since he was linked with the other 4 watchers if they killed themselves to hold up the barrier, he would also perish along with them. Given how stubborn the Watchers were on keeping the barrier up, Leonardo decided that if he was already going to get killed by the barrier being up, he might as well join them instead of standing on the sidelines. Thankfully before the Watchers' Mass Suicide Grand Sacrifice could proceed any further, Elesis arrived with Ruby and Blake, quickly dispatching with Mephisto and his Armies. Leonardo then stepped away from the barrier as they no longer needed to hold it up. However, the other Watchers still stubbornly held the barrier up, only dropping it after Leonardo yelled at them to take the barrier down. Leonardo then sat down to allow his eyes to heal. After the 6 Chosens collectively took out Baal, Mephisto, and Lucifer, fulfilling their destiny, Leonardo used the last of his remaining energy to open a wormhole, taking them all to Remnant before dark energy consumed Tempest Keep in its entirety. Eden asked Leo why they took everyone to Remnant, to which Leo revealed that everywhere else was consumed by Darkness as the 4th Era was drawing to a close. Elesis apologized that they were unable to stop the end of the Era, but Damien pointed out that it wasn't that they failed to stop it:
It's not that you weren't able to stop it. This may seem like the end, but it's more like a transition. The sun is setting on the current age. But the sun will rise again once more. Every story's beginning was another story's end, and every story's ending is another story's beginning. Your story is far from over yet. After all, you're the chosens. There is far more you will do in the next world than you can even imagine.
Damien in the final moments of the 4th Era
Everyone that remained began to say their goodbyes to those who would not make it into the next Era as the last world of the 4th Era became consumed by Darkness.

CHAPTER 11: A New Beginning

After Althea and Ashia chose to work together to reset the Era, Leonardo awoke at the beginning of the 5th Era. Noticing that the relay leading to Teldrassil had yet to reactivate, he returned to the role of being a Watcher before stumbling upon a tablet holding knowledge of an impending catastrophe. In the year 395, he embarked on an expedition of previous era ruins, searching high and low for a Journal he believes will hold the key to preventing this catastrophe, known only as wɛslaɪ̯ toʊ̯ loʊ̯ in an ancient language. After a few years of searching, he finds the Lost Journal, along with several ancient carvings believed to have been left by Merlin himself. These carvings described 26 individuals from all walks of life that would work together to vanquish an ancient incarnation of Evil. Unfortunately, as with all ancient prophecies, it was not entirely clear what this ancient Evil was meant to be. Leo spent several months attempting to decipher the riddles within the Journal but the riddles referred to places only a native to those places would know the locations the riddles were referring to. The journals said that the locations pertained to areas that resonated with the energies the artifacts themselves held. In previous eras, there were plenty of contenders, but in the 5th Era, only one place came to mind, which checked all the boxes. There was just one problem, it had yet to show up for this Era. The Eden Gateway, which led to Teldrassil, was inert. Or rather, it was because the gateway began to spring to life, not just a year after Leo found the Journal.

Chapter 12: An Anticpated Reunion

In the year 400, Damien sent a message to Leo to inform him that Teldrassil had shown back up, and he quickly made his way back to the Eden Gateway to meet up with him. While Damien was visiting the Obelisk with Kizuna, Leo showed up in the empty void Teldrassil was being formed out of and entered the Neo-Tesseract. It's still being determined what all occurred while they were there, though, as the Neo-Tesseract is an information Blackout site for us.

Chapter 13: The Hunt For The Keys To Salvation Act 1

A bit later, Leo helped guide Kevin and Ciellena to the Temple of Unshakable Will, where one of the 26 Tomes Leo believed was the key to preventing wɛslaɪ̯ toʊ̯ loʊ̯. Both Kevin and Ciellena passed the Observer's trial and were given access to the Tome, but an ancient entity known only as DA was there to meet them and asked for the Tome. Ciellena handed the Tome over without any resistance, allowing DA to bind to the Tome before handing the Tome back over to her. Leo then worked with Kizuna to guide Elesis to the Temple of Everlasting Flames to retrieve the second key to prevent demise, though this time, Kizuna told Elesis not to hand the Tome to anyone who asks for it. This resulted in DA setting a trap for Franklin, in an attempt to get Elesis to hand Codex Pyrus over to them. Elesis relented and handed the Codex over, allowing DA to break the 3rd seal and claim another fragment of the power he was searching for. Despite this setback, Leo continued to crack the codes leading to the Tome of the Earth...


Leonardo Watch is considered to be the least intelligent member of the Ancient Guardians, with a IQ of around 500M. His focus has always been on history more than any other field of study, which matches what his job is to a tee. Despite his lower Intellect compared to the newer Ancient Guardians, he holds knowledge of worlds long gone, and as the Collective will remind you of: "Knowledge is Power". So it would be wise not to take his capability for granted even though his intellect is lower than the other Ancient Guardians.


Leonardo Watch's works for the MDA as the leader of the Watcher Taskforce. His job is to observe and record history as it happens. The True Creator of the DoD Caleb Harris once came up with a nickname for what he does: Combat Historian. Which isn't entirely wrong to consider himself that. While he is cleared for field work by The MDA, he rarely if ever directly is seen in the field himself. Instead he uses the Relic implanted in his eyes to allow him to take control of the other Watchers and see through their eyes.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Leo's primary purpose was to observe and record the history of the previous eras, so no one would ever forget. Due to this endeavor, Leo was able to retrace the path taken by Management, uncovering knowledge about the Observer, gaining the knowledge that would help lead Edenia to cracking the cure for Corruptix. He also played an integral role in ensuring that everyone made it off the ARKs safely back in the 4th era.

Mental Trauma

Leonardo has lived through the rise and fall of countless worlds and civilizations, watching over them from their initial discovery of fire, to the day the natives self-destructive tendencies have caught up with them. That alone would drive almost anyone completely insane, especially if you lack the ability to avert the demise, but despite the fact Leo had the power to try and prevent it but was not allowed to intervene as it would require breaking the Watcher's Oath as well as a violation of the Butterfly Accords

Morality & Philosophy

Leonardo is a kind hearted soul that rarely if ever is willing to hurt anyone, no matter if they are a threat. He spent most of his time just observing the events that occur, rarely if ever altering events that are occuring. This all changed once the 5th era began however. Leonardo decided that helping those who he can is more important than the Oath he took when becoming a member of the Watchers. If he can protect Edenia and their two children, there is not a thing he wouldn't do to keep them safe.


Leonardo Watch

spouse (Vital)

Towards Edenia Delacruz-Watch



Edenia Delacruz-Watch

spouse (Vital)

Towards Leonardo Watch



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Sigma Tertius
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