A Story of Blue and Purple

A Story of Blue and Purple

This is an ancient legend that originates in the Garden Era, leading up to the events of the previous era. It is unclear how much if any of this legend has a root in factual history. Perhaps none of it does. After all, it is only a Legend...

In the beginning, just after the very beginning, there existed two Phoenixes. The First Phoenix, known only as Purple, held flames capable of burning through anything, and would not go out until the target was completely consumed. Purple was impulsive and ruled by emotion, but eventually became bored as nothing was capable of challenging him. Eventually however, Purple came across another Phoenix, known only as Blue. Unlike Purple, Blue was logical, and ruled by Serenity, and Blue was also completely immune to Purple’s Flames. Despite this, this did not deter Purple, in fact it made him overjoyed, as they finally had met someone who could rival them.. And so, Purple sealed the true power of their flames away and started to compete with Blue to better themselves. Purple and Blue clashed multiple times, with each of them developing new techniques in order to try and get the upper hand. Blue developed the technique of rebuild, along with the power of Division using the powers of creation she inherited, while Purple developed the technique of erasure, along with the power of Domination, using the powers of destruction he had inherited. Just before the Serpent caused the fall, Purple and Blue were preparing for another contest between each other. Purple wanted to see if they could get an edge and stole a set of 7 artifacts from Babylon known only as the Cursed Beasts before meeting Blue at their chosen battle site. Unfortunately as fate would have it, right as their battle had begun, the Core of EDEN shattered in front of them, and the Era of the Celestials ended. Purple’s and Blue’s battle was interrupted by the initial clash between the Celestials and their Fallen Counterparts, which resulted in royally pissing off Purple who turned their attacks on both parties. Seeing just how powerful both Purple and Blue were, a temporary truce was forged between the Celestials and the Fallen, and they worked together to destroy both Purple and Blue. Prometheus couldn’t bear to see these two be completely destroyed though, as he had come to consider them his children. Working secretly with both Thesis and Perses, Purple and Blue were instead sealed away in the Purple and Blue Flames rather than completely destroyed, where they have persisted ever since. Despite this, their sibling rivalry never faded, and they both used the summoners of their flames to continue clashing with each other, with neither side fully getting the chance to win out. This story of endless battles had continued on for all time without much changes, until one day, Damien unleashed the Purple flame in the evergreen zone. Purple erased the plant creatures that had consumed this zone, and after they were done, Damien released Blue, allowing them to begin to neutralize each other as had always been done. But this time, they didn’t immediately neutralize each other, instead creating purple and blue sea of flames as they attempted to best each other. Kizuna saw this and placed paper boats on the sea, not realizing how much of an impact this would have on them. Kizuna gave them both another way to compete in that act, and both Purple and Blue modified their boats and began to take out each others boats. This laid the seeds for a change within both the Blue and Purple flames, and at the perfect time. As for the first time since the Fall, both Blue and Purple were given a vessel in the form of Althea and Ashia, the Phoenix Sisters who would be fated to clash and decide the end of the era. Althea’s choices during that clash allowed the seed to sprout, and the Purple flame lost some of its built up negativity, while the Blue flame began to reach Serenity once more. Althea and Ashia had been forced to fuse during the Vanguard’s onslaught, resulting in both Blue and Purple losing their chosen vessel. But the seeds that had sprouted by the choices made in the 4th era remain, waiting for the moment where they can bear fruit…..

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History is written by the victors, but those who do not know the truth are condemned to repeat the mistakes of those who came before them

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