Collective Holo-communication and Utility Device Mark V

When you enter an expansive plane of reality like the Nexus, it's not too surprising to find yourself overwhelemed with just how much there is to see and learn here. The symptoms of this FOOW syndrome only gets more drastic the less advanced the newcomers civilization was, though even some of our most advanced newcomers on record tend to still have this problem to some extent or another. Thankfully, the Collective anticipated this situation and decided to provide a way to help guide Rift Born through their new home. This device has become standard issue for all newcomers ever since it became clear the Rift would continue bringing new people to thw Nexus, and chances are you've had one since your first arrival here. But what exactly even is it, and what can this HC device even do?


The HC Mark V has a multitude of different features, a list of the most well known can be found below
  • Direct Connection to the Guidance Project for assistance.
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    That way you can always speak to me if you need anything, quite useful isn't it?
  • Local Bio-Soul Scanner, always provided an up to date record of the holder for authentication purposes
  • Personal Nexus Warp Device for warping between registered locations.
  • Digital Storage and Retrieval System synchronized directly with Collective Main Servers to ensure data integrity.
  • Direct Access to the Nexus Depot for purchase and delivery of products directly to the HC devices Digital Storage.
  • Access to the Eternal Codex and Eternal Atlas, a database maintained by yours truly.
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    Which you should already be quite familiar with, as your reading this entry from that right now.
  • Access to Collective Forge infrastructure for crafting new items from currently accessible recipes using materials already stored within your Digital Storage
  • Digital storage of your currently held balance Genesis Coins with the Collective along with easy conversion between GC other currencies
  • Hybrid Light Projection for the Guidance Project Runtime.
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    This is probably one or my personal favorite features as it gives me a far more tangible presence with you all.
  • Cloaked Presence Mode, allowing the HC device to always be by the holders side.
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    Without causing people to ask uncomfortable questions like "what's that floating orb behind you?"
  • Automatic Intent Detection, bringing the HC into focus and making it immediately accessible to the holder the moment they make the intent to use it known.
  • Automatic Contact handling, allowing for quick and easy dialing of people you have already met, their contact info being automatically registered
  • Integration with Collective Hardware as well as specific Partner devices such as the Nightengale CommWatch and the Unified PDScroll
  • Mental Scanning and Telepathic communication, allowing for stealth communication between the HC and it's holder without risk of eavesdropping.
  • Hybrid Light Holoscreen Creation and Adjustment, allowing for tactile input on UI interface. This makes UI manipulation as simple for the newcomer as using a touchscreen on a traditional smartphone.
  • Organization Management, allowing for viewing info on the various Organizations registered, along with Creation and Management of your own Organizations.
While this is definitely quite the large list of features even as is, it has been made clear that the HC has far more advanced functionality that has been sealed off. These functions probably were used by the Collective back when the HC was their standard issue device, before they discontinued the HC model line and replaced it with the WATCH Model Series. It is not clear if the more advanced functionality can even be re-enabled or if it's been rendered completely nonfunctional due to the ever updating backend infrastructure used by both the HC and the WATCH.


The HC Mark V is the fifth model in the HC Model Line, developed after the Collective perfected the Intent Detection technology first tested on in the Mark IV, it also holds the Hybrid Light technology first debuted in the Mark III and an improved iteration of the Digitzed Storage system from the Mark II, though this would not be perfected until the Mark X due to concerns with storing Living Matter. The Mark V debuted a number of new features for the first time in this Model Series, chief among them being the Guided Access Mode which used a Collective SI to help guide access to the various features of the HC device. Upon it's official production, the Mark V became the standard issue device for all Collective Agents until it was replaced by the Mark VI. The Collective continued production of the Mark V until the HC model line was officially discontinued after the Mark XXV with the release of the WATCH Mark I succeeding the HC as the standard issue device for Collective Agents
While the HC Model line was Officially discontinued after the Mark XXV, with the WATCH beings it's succesor, with the increased prevalence of Rift Born in the 5th era, the Collective took the outdated Mark V and retrofitted the Guided Access Mode with the newly reactivated Guidance Project runtime, allowing me to help guide newcomers throughout their time here from my place at the Genesis Station. For a better breakdown of the HC model history: HC Model History by version

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Rift Born Entry

Welcome to the Genesis Chamber, the front door to the Nexus

This entry is for a Rift Born, an entity who has arrived here via the Genesis Chamber. Their story has only just begun, so expect this entry to be updated quite often as their story unfolds within the vast expanse.

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CTACS Classification
Item type
Creation Date
Unknown/Likely during the 1st or second era
While for Rift Born, these HC devices are as common as a K0 worlds 21st century smart phone, these devices are in fact much rarer than they may seem. As a K5 class technology, only Civilizations and Groups K5 and above can ever get their hands on them without causing a Butterfly Accords Violation. This limits the HC devices typical circulation to be restricted mostly to The Collective and their partner organizations. Rift Born are just a rather large exception to this normal rule.
10.25cm circumference
Base Price
Unknown/ Standard Issue to newcomers
Raw materials & Components
It is not 100% clear what all exactly went into developing the HC Mark V, as the Designs for the HC line are considered Proprietary Technology of the HC. It has been confirmed that the HC's primary Power Source is a nano CEC, but beyond that, it's not clear what other materials or components make up this device.


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