Auditor report, you're going to want to pass this up the chain pretty quickly.  
  [Redacted] are a species of [Redacted], of the genus [Redacted] and family [Redacted]. It's been recently discovered in [Redacted] of the Hecate Moon Base during an mining accident. [Redacted] is believed to have caused [Redacted] casualties before being contained by corporate security forces belonging to [Redacted].   A secondary report insist that this is nothing but a cover story, and the true origin of the [Redacted] comes from a failed attempt of genetic engineering during a live gene-editing show hosted at YetiCon Day.  
Yeah, those fuckers are up to something.  
— Auditor Audrey

[Redacted] is small and unassuming, but possesses extraordinary physical and chemical properties. When distilled down to its component parts, it produces [Redacted] [Redacted] [Redacted] and [Redacted] that will [Redacted] and probably give Java a run for its money.   [Redacted] derived products are currently in an early testing stage, though they're already out among the populace to observe the effects. There are significant concerns about [Redacted] breakouts, which has already occured in Javaville, causing considerable concerns about how [Redacted] interacts with Javamania.
On the bright side, significant market interest from certain commercial sectors.
Managed to nab these on my way out, but I don't think I can go back to the moon any time soon.  
— Auditor Audrey

Experiment 7-A

[Redacted] derived serum shows early promise. Citizens show signs of [Redacted] after only a few hours, and kept requesting [Redacted].   Side-effects were [Redacted] and test discontinued due to significant [Redacted].  

Experiment 42

[Redacted] screaming didn't stop until [Redacted] and [Redacted], with so many [Redacted].   Signs of [Redacted], and [Redacted]. Research staff has [Redacted], but therapy should be effective to limit the memetic hazards.
Get this to the Computer right the hell now - this is big. If the Corp keep this up, we're all gonna be in big [DATA EXPUNGED].  
— Auditor Audrey


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The article is really [REDACTED] and I absolutely [DATA EXPUNGED] as well as ██████ <3   Great work as always Q :D

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28 Jul, 2020 10:17

Ahaha, thank you so much <3

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By the Java! This means [REDACTED]! And then [REDACTED]! But not until the Yeti [REDACTED]!  

It's all connected! It makes so much sense now!
  *snort* *laughing and wiping tears*   Ok, this was great! Q, you've outdone yourself again.   *raises a cup of Java in salute* :D

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I wasn't sure this one would work, but I'm glad it did <3 Thank you

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It's all coming together...!

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So much with so little! This is great!

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'Certain commercial sectors', hm? *squints suspiciously at [REDACTED]*   This is [DATA EXPUNGED]. Good job! :)

28 Jul, 2020 10:18

Don't squint too close, or they might squint back!   Thank you for reading and commenting :D