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The Freemarketeers

The faction for profiteering pirates and cutthroat businessmen alike: all about the bottom line

The Freemarketeers represent a union of the Recovery and Restoration Company and the Freebooters League. R&R has been working hard to bring back some of the wonders and conveniences of the first ages. The ancient railroads have been largely restored and the first magisteam engines are now running on both the east and western lines alongside a few ancient titan engines of even more impressive size and power. They also have a small fleet of flying craft that allow them unprecedented ease of travel throughout Mareth. Cooperating with the Freebooters, R&R have restored a few steel steamships which the privateers operate along the southern coast. The Freebooters, ruled by their Pirate Queen, protect R&R’s property and trade routes while using the other groups technology to dominate the seas.


Renown Faction Title
1 Page
3 Salaried
10 Market Captain
25 Chief Officer
50 Executive Admiral


The Duchy of Yent. The Freemarketeers have a strong presence in Yent due to a mutually beneficial arrangement with Duke Caskriver.

Profit Over All

Political, Faction / Party
Alternative Names
The Pay Masters
Subsidiary Organizations
Controlled Territories

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