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The Freebooters League

The Freebooters are a union of like minded privateers and pirates that serve under Queen Darkwater

For years, pirates in and around Mareth operated entirely independently. Not one captain controlled more than the ship he owned and operated directly. They each served their own interest and few saw any point in changing the status quo. Then came the Era of Reckoning. Suddenly, the young races of Mareth were in a desperate fight against their creators for control of the known world. The hidden routes and supplies that pirates could provide were a vital resource in this fight. Many crews and captains began to aid in the fight, for reasons selfish or selfless. 
Rayne Darkwater himself, one of the key figures in the fight for Elderan's freedom, worked closely with these rebel pirates. Later in life, he sailed the seas as a pirate captain himself. Before his death, he had a small fleet of vessels operating under his leadership. His son continued this legacy upon Rayne's death. He did well for himself, but didn't have the drive to expand the network substantially. It was not until Rayne's granddaughter came of age that the privateering network would have a leader capable of uniting many ships under one flag. 
This young woman would become Pirate Queen Joan Darkwater and she leads the Freebooters League to this day. Her most loyal subjects refer to this union as Darkwater's Court. Now, the Freebooters have allied themselves with the R&R Company and their power and influence increase with every passing day. The technology provided by R&R enhance the ships of the fleet, and their business contacts make privateering more profitable than ever.

"A grand life, and a short one"

Alternative Names
Queen Darkwater's Court
Freebooters or Privateers
Parent Organization
The Freemarketeers

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