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Duke Caskriver

The Duke of Yent, a simultaneously greasy and well-liked state leader

Duke Hugo Medea Caskriver (a.k.a. "The Clam")

Duke Caskriver is a well known celebrity among his people in Yent. He spends a lot of time walking the streets, with a few guards and aides close at hand. He has a reputation for being generous with his wealth and is well-liked by most of the locals in this small port city. He keeps a pet mage on the payroll who entertains and advises him, but this mysterious figure is far more private than the duke himself. 


It is also common knowledge that the Duke has allied himself, and thus the Duchy with the Freemarketeers and does extensive business with this faction, primarily the privateering arm of the faction. The docks are always open to their ships and their crews can find safe lodgings and the pleasures of shore leave in Yent. In return, the Duchy benefits from a share of their profits brought into it's borders. The Duke has been known to claim a person connection to Queen Darkwater herself, though some have their doubts.

Current Location
The Duchy of Yent
Beady, sea green eyes
Skin Tone
Pale, clammy skin that drips with sweat regardless of the weather
220 pounds
Aligned Organization
The Freemarketeers

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Cover image: by Jinho Bae
Character Portrait image: by Tyler Buehler


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