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Mareth A World Where Anything is Possible

The 24th of Burning Sky, Summer, 11 Years AE

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A Land of Ancient Wonder

Mareth is a world of vast oceans with a single known continent at its center. This central landmass shares its name with the world itself. The seas beyond the shores of Mareth are scattered with islands containing unknown wonders. This is an old world where cities are built on empires of the past, and the growing numbers of younger ancestries live in the shadow of primeval powers. Old portals and passageways to strange realms are reopening, spilling strange forces out upon the world. Furthermore, a rediscovered subterranean realm of lost peoples and dangerous denizens presents fresh opportunities for adventure.

Strange Realms Close By

There are tangible, ancient gateways between the planes in the remote corners of the continent. They connect the world directly with the other planes that make up reality. Perhaps of greatest significance, are the elemental planes from which Mareth itself was formed in the first era. The Underdeep is said to lie closest to the Abyssal Plane, while the Aetherial Plane soars high above all others. Additionally, there are thin places where passage through the Beyond or the Prismatic Cascade is possible. The alien environs of these planes bleed into the realms of mortal men corrupting all within their influence. In these places, the world has been twisted and shaped strangely by these raw and powerful influences. The nature of magic is twisted and strained through bizarre planar prisms, and the effects can be hard to predict.

Evolving Gods and Pantheons

There are a number of known gods and pantheons in Mareth, but most residents of the continent agree on an overall hierarchy and order of creation. The Gods Between were the most significant to the forming of the world, as the personifications of the four core elements of creation. From them, were born the ancient ancestries of dragons and titans, the greatest of whom eventually became immortalized as godlike beings themselves. They in turn begat the elder ancestries, which include incarnates, dragonborn, elves, dwarves, and other now well-storied origins. The youngest of the ancestries, came into being largely by conflict and misadventure in later ages. These include what has become the most omnipresent ancestry across Mareth - humanity. As each of these races came into their own, they established their own beliefs, figures of renown, and traditions. The greatest of these paragons are now becoming like gods themselves, in the storied halls of the Beyond.

Cultures in Conflict

Mareth is a world where the existence of one shared continent has pushed all life together early on, so that only in the most remote corners is there anything resembling isolation. In those places there are some capes, peninsulas, islands, and archipelagos with very unique life and environs. Often, languages and cultures have been blended in unique ways due to close proximity and frequent, long-term interaction. Until recently the nations of the continent were held in check by dominance of the first powers. The lesser, younger ancestries fought hard to free themselves from this yoke, but now they face the responsibility of charting a new course. Unfortunately, the young powers of Mareth are not inclined to share the resources of the continent fairly. In the newly emancipated land of Mareth, freedom, individuality, and independence are all things which must be bought with blood, sweat, and tears.

The Fate of a Free World

In this world, there are those who hold tightly to the ideals of the past. They put their faith in stories of ancient gods, heroic ancestors, and iconic villains. Then, there are those who embrace change and wish to strike out from under the shadows of their ancestors. The younger ancestries have gained their freedom from the ancients, but will they prove worthy of this heady responsibility? Can they defend what their forefathers have dared to seize? The direction of the entire realm of Mareth is at stake. You and your fellow adventurers must dare to place your hands on the wheel of fate, if you believe yourselves worthy. Stake your claim on the running of the realm, or place candidates of your choice upon the thrones of Mareth. If you fail to seize your destiny, there are others who will not hesitate to take control at any cost.