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Gilded Crow

Look at that little guy, strutting around like he owns the place. How did he get THAT many gold feathers?
— Wandering Aurel Citizen
  The Gilded Crow is a bird commonly found in the city of Aurel, named not for its natural plumage, but for the plumage of the Gilded Pigeons they use to adorn themselves.   These are a subspecies of a more widespread species of crow with similar plume-wearing behaviors.
Cities & Settlements, City Outskirts
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Fashion Icons

These crows are common sights in the streets of Aurel, flashing their feathers at passers-by, flaunting their glittering finds with any who will look. They are cunning scavengers of the flashy feathers of other birds, but unlike their cousins elsewhere, they have but one target: the golden feathers of the Aurelian Carrier Pigeons.

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