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Everspring Inkwell

The Everspring Inkwells were a unique set of devices that were created with the combined magics of the ethereal Tuath Dé and primal dragons of Midgard. As the name suggests, it is an inkwell of primordial design that never runs dry. It also has the added benefit of never spilling, for easy transport and quick passing in a large group of authors.
    Creation of the inkwell was deemed prudent after the devastating war of Tuath, sometimes referred to as The Cataclysm. After the war, the remaining Faefolk, dragons, council of Tuath Dé, and all others gathered to prevent anything like these cataclysmic events ever again. In order to do so, they created an all-encompassing peace treaty named The Accords.
    It took five years of writing and re-writing of the treaty before all sides came to an agreement of peace. They burned through so many writing utensils in the early days they quickly realized it would be futile to continue without enchanted tools. They needed an inkwell that wouldn’t run dry, something that they could pass around easily without ruining current works in progress, and something that could undo mistakes.
    They found all the answers in a singular tool. The inkwell drains incredibly slowly, and over time will refill itself. The ink only leaves the well on the nib of a pen, which was most important after numerous ink-spilling accidents during page disputes. Most importantly, however, was its ability to reclaim used ink. This simple action could pull ink off a page to more quickly refill if it ran dry. It would also leave the page looking as if ink had never stained it.
    There was a small hiccough with the ink removal, though. Many of the more nimble Faefolk creatures attempted their sleights to remove certain clauses throughout the documents. This added years to the process as every fresh change required the entire agreement to be reviewed by all parties; Of which there were many.
    Some thousands of years later, one of the final remaining Everspring Inkwells resides with an Elven diplomat. It’s still used daily as his prized possession while he continually updates trade agreements between the Elven houses and negotiates terms after the rivalry skirmishes. He knows the secrets of the inkwell but keeps them near and dear to his heart, lest others find out and grow jealous of his treasure.


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