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Weddings are considered holy in front of all the gods and even though a cleric of a particular god will wed the partners in the name of that god, it is understood that all other gods are also part of the ceremony. Thus, those who wish to be wed as soon as possible might accept a cleric even from a god they don't personally are dedicated to.   It is not considered unreasonable to marry more than one person, but only with those already partnered actively welcoming the new addition. If this creates a chain of relationships, all those in the chain must welcome the new person. If the others aren't all satisfied, the marriage can't happen without a divorce that separates from previous partners that object.   Married people are allowed to speak for each other and are granted some ability from the state to share assets, make it easier for inheritance, helps navigate how to take care of children, etc. They are also to some extent responsible for taking care of each other.


The details of the ceremony differ from church to church, but some of them are recurring. Normally close friends and family are expected to attend as audience and witnesses. It is very rare for a wedding to not have at least two attending besides those being wed and the cleric.   There are normally an exchange of some symbol of unification, such as rings, necklaces, scars, etc. There is also a symbolic sharing, such as drinking from the same cup, holding an object together, performing a simple task, or bathing together.
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