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Summer's Feast

At the end of summer, nature starts to settle down and the species of game that is most active during the hottest months withdraw. To those who live in areas where food can be more scarce when the weather gets colder, this is a time to celebrate Mielikki and nature's bounty. People gather with their friends and family to partake in a feast of the tasty treats of the season. Also, there is often quite a considerable about of drinking, silly games, and other distractions.   One popular game is a sort of treasure hunt. The host hides various small gifts around the area and gives guests clues as to where they have hidden the presents. When a guest finds a gift, they are expected to take it but replace it with a gift of their own. Thus everyone ends up with many gifts but given to the group more than any individual. If possible, the hunt takes place in an area with more untamed nature. The event is referred to as a bounty hunt.

Components and tools

Silly accessories, such as hats or shirts, are traditional. Often, these are made to honour the kinds of foods available in the area. Some groups hold contests in who is wearing the most ridiculous outfit. There are also often contests for the most cringe-worthy joke, or for revealing question-based drinking games. The latter is especially popular amongst youths.


Not all of the world celebrate this holiday. The warmest parts often don't for instance. The Sa'ar Desert is scorching during the summer and autumn is often more fertile than the warmest moths which means this holiday wouldn't make sense.
10th of Sun (10/6)


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