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Sh'reen funerals

Most funerals amongst the Sh'reen are dedicated to the Raven Queen in an attempt to make her guide the soul safely to its destination. And hopefully to a good destination - few want their dead relatives to end up in Pandemonium.   It remains popular for those who can afford a tomb to bury their dead as such, whereas a minority will elect to have them cremated. Typically, the arrangements for the funeral are made by the closest family, or in some cases friends, in cooperation with the Church of the Raven Queen. The ceremony calls for the dead to be presented - either in a casket, in the open, or symbolically. The priest will say a prayer and invite those who want to give a eulogy. After that, the dead will be moved to their place of rest. Quite often this is finished off with a small celebration in honour of the deceased.

Components and tools

Symbolic feathers as placed on the body or what represents it. These are intended to help the Raven Queen let the body fly to its destination. It is also traditional to offer something symbolic that represents the deceased.
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