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Sh'reen Colours and Symbolism

All cultures bring with them ideas bound into symbols and traditions, and the ones in the Sa'ar Desert do so more than most. In no way is this an exhaustive list of the symbology one might find there, nor one of all the meaning associated or that has been part of these symbols. Arguing over something like the exact meaning of the positioning and portrayal of a small cat inscription on a temple wall is a favourite past time of the area's scholars.

The crest of House Seelon is a a set of silver crecent over a silver tree placed on a field of green. That tells you a lot about where they come from, doesn't it?
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The colours used by noble houses, and even shops and inns, are there to evoke some meaning tied to ideals. They may or may not be an appropriate representation, but at least they say something about how those carrying the colour at some point wanted to be perceived.

Colour Meaning
Black The unknown, other planes, death, endings and beginnings.
Example: Church of the Raven Queen
Blue Higher moral ideals, spiritual purity, and strong principles.
Example: The government of the Sh'areen Caliphate.
Brown The land and what can be gained from it - including the strength of the people living there.
Example: The Church of Wallan
Gold Wealth, richness in spirit, strength.
Example: House Nyelandir
Green Balance, guidance, search for other views.
Example: House Seelon
Orange Pure strength - both in mind and body. Sometimes associated with violence.
Example: The Primival Order
Purple Peace, creativity, and construction.
Example: House Nyelandir
Red Life, loyalty, and dedication to the point of spilling blood. One's own or that of others.
Example: Academia Arcanum
Silver Exploration, navigation, mysteries.
Example: Church of Sel√Ľne
White Love, purity, innocence.
Example: School of Harmony Wizards


Symbols associated with the various gods are obvious and near-universal throughout the world. The Raven Queen is always associated with that kind of bird, for instance. Some gods have symbols that vary by region but are usually linked. The The Onyx Knight is often portrayed as a standard or a scimitar but never as a battle axe amongst the Sh'reen, for instance. The symbols listed here are ones that are more specific to the region and not always recognised by outsiders.
Symbol Meaning
Cat Neutrality, grace, or strength in solitude.
Eye Secrecy but also the discovery of secrets. The symbol is sometimes used by criminals, but also by legitimate searchers for information.
Hammer A mason's hammer is used to symbolise all sorts of construction and artifice. Even a seamstress might have such a hammer as part of the sign on their door.
Kafia Flower Herbology and healing. A common symbol for where one might buy potions.
Oil lamp Hospitality and shelter as a light in the darkness. Common to denote inns and taverns.
Scarab Travelling or finding one's path. Sometimes taken metaphorically.
Scorpion Fear, but also bravery in the face of fear.
Star Wisdom and learning. A common symbol associated with collections of knowledge or places of education.
Sword It depends on the sword; it represents strength and force of will.
Tree Hope and a will to grow. This means it is often associated with new beginnings and childhood.
Twelve circles in a ring Reality - especially in the form of the various planes. Sometimes used for arcane matters in general.


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