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Sh'areen Senator

Life in the Senate gives you all the power to do wild things and takes away the time and energy to actually go through with it.
— Haynni al-Akhath, human Senator
  Members of the Sh'areen Senate are theoretically elected for life by either a guild or a region (in practice, a noble house). But they can abdicate or be forced to resign by those who placed them there. In any case, it is a position of great formal, and even more informal. political power. Someone who holds this title has a significant social standing, reinforced by law.   Only a Divine Guide or the Caliph itself outrank a Senator and thus they are free to do mostly whatever they want. This also means that to some degree, they are above the law. Having a Senator as an ally opens many doors.
Civic, Political
Length of Term
Life, or until abdication
Related Organizations
A white toga with blue and gold trimmings, worn over light clothes that indicate what they represent. On formal occasions, a golden circlet with a single large sapphire in the front is worn.


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