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Sh'reen Sunhigh

At the summer solstice, Amaunator is said to have more power over the world. It is also one of the two times, along with the winter solstice, that the outer and inner planes are closer. This also forces elemental powers to be pushed towards the material plane. However, from a mortal perspective, it is simply a time to celebrate that summer is halfway through and that the year is at its height.


Highsun is celebrated in one way or another almost everywhere across the planet, and to some extent even in other realms. Humans, Halflings, Dragonborn, Tieflings, and Genasi are the ones who place the most importance on the holiday, but other races often acknowledge it to some extent.


Highsun is celebrated with a market in the streets, and a lot of people open their homes as a kind of small restaurant or café. There are often many games of Fire-rock being played - even in these improvised cafés.   As the day gets darker and it becomes more bearable to be outside, the celebrations shift to more music, dancing and drinking. Other forms of games are played, especially after children have been sent to bed. The places of the world where it actually gets dark, typically light lanterns to represent the sun even in the night. Celebrations might go on for a long time, but to not rest before the next noon brings bad fortune.

Components and tools

Most things used during the celebration are painted in very light colours or golden. There are often symbolic representations of either the sun or the god Amaunator placed on roofs or in high-up positions. Children often prepare clay tablets with drawings, then left to harden in the sunlight. These tablets are then sometimes buried in the garden. Which may, or may not, be a way for parents not to have to deal with saving lots of clay tablets...   People tend to wear very little and rely only on shadow to protect them from the sun. This has led to more than one running joke about people being unfaithful during the holiday.


The Church of Amaunator is of course heavily involved in the celebrations, and its representatives often help other officials manage the logistics of the holiday. But it is also true that many visit their temples as a part of their own celebration.


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