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Sh'reen Midwinter

The winter solstice marks the beginning of the new year. It usually is accompanied by a large market and various games and events for the whole family. Even evening activities are more relaxed and focused on good cheer rather than drinking or gambling. Foods that have been stored away are brought out for the day and used for a large common feast.   There are often a wide variety of competitions - from races to figure carving - all with various minor prices attached.

Components and tools

Sel√Ľne is sometimes seen as the patron deity for the holiday, using her light to guide the world back to brighter days. Therefore, symbols of a full or crescent moon are very common motifs in decorations.


Midwinter, just like Sunhigh, falls between months. It is considered the first day of the year but is also often talked about as the last day of the previous year.
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