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For a very long time, Levistus was at war with Geryon over the rulership of Stygia in the Nine Hells. After a massive battle that ripped part of the layer apart, Asmodeus had enough. Since Levistus was arguable the winner of that battle, he was made Lord of Stygia. However, he had also threatened to damage the Hells and as punishment he was frozen into an iceberg somewhere in the layer.   Not even Levistus knows where he is, besides being surrounded by ice. As a result, he is forced to reach out to his servants and followers only with his mind and so far this has been enough to keep up his quota of souls. However, he remains ever vigilant against new attempts by Geryon, and minor clashes are common.   Levistus and his servants are mostly experts at thriving on the desperate - those who feel like they have nothing to lose. But a soul is still a soul.
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