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House Silvertree

This noble house has currently pledged their allegiance to House Seelon and even married into that family with the union between Aueliina Silvertree and Nichalas Seelon. Their estate is at the very western edge of what is currently Seelon Pricipality, near the Parathioni Principality. This also means that they have more than once been at the forefront of minor conflicts between House Parathioni and House Seelon.   The house's fortune mostly stems from trade and providing mercenary protection for those travelling the dangerous roads of the Sa'ar Desert. Their seat is in the town of Qulrethis, about three days travel by camel from Jolethai.


The matriarch is Tiniin Silvertree, ruling with her consort Nubeit Silvertree. The heir apparent is their son, Ergamnes Silvertree, is currently in charge of their trade routes south and heads several caravans travelling that way. Ergamenes has two younger siblings who, as well as a couple of their cousins, live on the family estate.

Public Agenda

Trade deals with House Seelon is always the most important for the house. But they also want to expand their own area of influence, which requires them to deal with outsiders and sometimes even compete with their Jolethai patrons.

Like a tree in the wind

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