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High Noble

Major noble houses in the Sh'areen Caliphate wield great power. They are technically lower than the members of the Sh'areen Senate in terms of social status, but in practice, a major Qel'tath handpicked her Senator anyway (and possibly others) and can easily have them replaced if they don't behave. And outside of the central government, these major houses run their Principalities more or less as they please as long as they still obey the Caliph.   The leader of a noble house is its Qel'tath and for most houses, that person is considered a High Noble. For very important houses or historically powerful ones, spouses and even children to the Qel'tah might be considered high nobility. Rank within this stratum is dependant on the current perceived strength of the respective houses. Those familiar with the political game will almost intuitively know how each stack up against any other at any given time.
Nobility, Household
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