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At one point or another, giant blood entered the lineage of these people. Their stoic nature gives them a sense of pride beyond what others might consider normal. They are strong, physically and mentally. Goliaths have evolved to deal with harsh and cold climates and can endure a lot of the strife that comes with that kind of life. Every part of them is built to be sturdy, something that also makes them muscular and ready for combat when needed.

Basic Information

Biological Traits

They are towering over most other humanoids as a result of their giant heritage. Their skin is somewhat grey and, for both sexes, hairless. Men tend towards a square build, whereas women are more durable.

Genetics and Reproduction

As in most things, goliaths are typically very straight-forward in how they handle both sex and relationships. If you desire either from someone you tell them and they will reply with whether they are interested or not. Someone who has a lot of accomplishments and has brought a lot to the tribe is usually desired. Some might form steady relationships while others remain open to whichever competent tribes-member solicit them. Either way is good as the tribe might need new fighters and hunters.   Goliaths have a gestation time of nine months, but the mother isn’t significantly encumbered until the last month.
90 years
Average Height
210 cm
Related Ethnicities


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