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The leader of an army - or at least one section of an army. The Sh'areen Caliphate has six generals for instance. Four of those are in charge of the protection in each cardinal direction. One is in charge of mystical and extra-planar threats (a title instituted after the War of the Dunes), and the last one is in charge of intelligence and covert operations. Other countries assign all generals according to function rather than region.


While nobility is often given preferential treatment as their efforts are more closely monitored, no one becomes a general without proving themselves both as a strategist and a competent fighter. There might be nepotism involved in some countries, but as a general rule those who don't focus on competence tend to be conquered by those who do.


A general is ultimately responsible for everyone under their command and for implementing the large scale strategies of war. Even small mistakes can be serious. They are also the ones to inform and guide the ruler they serve.
Civic, Military, Commissioned
Past Holders
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