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For dozens of generations, these people have lived in the Sa'ar Desert, surviving the harsh landscape. They have learned how to find food and how to find water in the few plants or hidden deposits around. Their nomadic ways mean they are always likely to find something later, and they know how to store what they need while they travel.   Of course, there are other ways to get food, water, and materials. Like raiding caravans and villages. Which doesn't make them very popular with the so-called civilized people.

Naming Traditions

Family names

Names are usually taken from the parent with the highest status, but anyone might elect to use the one from their other parent instead. This takes the form of adding "al'" followed by the name of the parent at the end of the person's name.


Major language groups and dialects

Rahii is the traditional language of the Fah'Rah, but a lot of them also speak at least Sha'ree or another language of people living nearby. Those who do more trade and less raiding always learn at least Sha'ree and often something else as well.

Common Etiquette rules

One group of Fah'Rah will always offer shelter to other Fah'Rah in need, even if the groups are otherwise at odds. this includes sharing of a simple meal, and breaking bread that is divided between the groups. This hospitality is to be respected on pain of death.

Common Dress code

The Fah'Ra often wrap their entire bodies in fabric that breathes easily. Their clothing is loose fitting enough create pockets of cooler air underneath. They often cover enough that only their face, or even just eyes, show. Normally, the fabric is black to show their strength over nature, but those who have proven themselves wear blood red details.

Art & Architecture

There is a strong tradition of embroidery amongst the Feh'Ra and even other folks often appreciate such clothes or other fabric and might pay for it handsomely.

Common Taboos

While showing the rest of one's body is no big deal, only friends and family should ever see someone's head fully exposed. Not covering the head is something one only does with there are other things protecting against the sun - likely in a private setting.


Beauty Ideals

Surviving can be hard, and the more that shows on a Fah'rah without them lacking any strength or vigour. In a warm climate, having a lot of muscle causes the body to burn more energy and become more heated, which contributes to power being seen as very attractive. They rarely care for classic trinkets, but they do value trophies of their various conquests. This can include killing beasts, robbing other groups, achieving respect within the tribe, or even bedding a desirable partner.

Gender Ideals

There is virtually no difference in how men and women are treated, with the exception that the ideals of strength aren't as important when someone is pregnant or caring for a very young child. Instead, failing to protect someone like that is considered a shameful weakness. But the one caring for the child doesn't have to be its mother and the entire tribe is expected to defend them.

Relationship Ideals

The fah'rah don't form permanent relationships. Those who care for each other do so and will usually be respected to be left alone by others unless invited and will be given chances to spend time together. When either of them no longer desires this, this treatment ends. Sexual connections are often sought with any member of the tribe seen as attractive and who is interested. Quite often, this leads to anyone being available to anyone.
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