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For the most part, el'isarn look like humans and blend in well in human societies. What sets them apart are their ears, which resemble cat ears, and their furry tail. They are shorter than humans on average and of a more lean build. Every muscular el'isarn distribute that strength throughout their body rather than looking like a body-builder.   Since they are a pretty rare sight in most of the world, el'isarn are often met with some scepticism. They tend to be mistrusted because people assume that they are mischievous, be fetishised, or just not be taken seriously. However, any culture that has had a chance to interact with them for more extended periods of time tend to view them as just a weird form of humans unless there are other cultural differences.

Basic Information


Their ears are furred, located at the top of their head, can twist around about 90° from their forwards position, and will fold back flat against their head when frightened or angry. They have semi-conscious control over both it and their tail.   The tail is furry, with the fur starting at their lower back, usually as long as their legs or a decimetre or two more, and of more or less uniform thickness. While it can do simple movements, it is in no way prehensile and cannot be used actually to grip anything.

Genetics and Reproduction

El'isarn can sometimes reproduce with humans, though it's easier for them to conceive with each other. The result of such a union is slightly more likely to result in a human than an el'isarn.   There are some very rare cases of el'isarn couplings with tabaxi or with some werecats that result in offspring, but the exact details of why this could be are not known.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Like cats, el'isarn can see very well in darkness. They have also inherited a light step, and thanks to their ears they are often able to pick up on what others miss, and their tails help them keep balance.
70 years
Average Height
160 cm
Related Ethnicities
While el'isarn speak the language of the region they're in, those in touch with their roots have plenty of loanwords from Fealinaan, the language that presumably was spoken by the first members of their race.


Ability Score Increase +1 Dex,+2 Cha
Size Medium
Speed 30ft

Cat's balance. You gain proficiency in acrobatics.   Darkvision. You can see in total darkness as if it was dim light and in dimlight as if it was bright light, up to a distance of 60 feet.   Hunter. You gain proficiency in longsword, longbow, shortbow, and shortsword.   Keen Hearing. You have advantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks that rely on hearing.   Tools for the Wild. You gain proficiency with an artisan's tools of your choice: carpenter's tools, cook's utensils, weaver's tools or woodcarver's tools.

Languages. Common and one more.


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