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Lord of the Nine Hells, Ruler of Dis

The lord of Dis, the second level of the Nine Hells, is a formidable Devil. He is also extremely paranoid and gathers every concievable weapon he finds in order to defend himself. Which, in his mind, means everyone is now after his collection of weapons and he needs more weapons do defend them.   The measures of secrecy Dispater must maintain to avoid prying eyes means he holds some of the most damning information in all of Realmspace. But all of it is hidden away in his black iron tower in the city of Dis. Even his most trusted servants are only privy to minimal amounts of information, and each of them guards what they have as carefully against each other as Dispater does from them.  


Those who make deals with Dispater or his devils usually either trade weapons or information and of course their souls. In return, they get weapons or information the archdevil doesn't care about as much. The cults tend to be extremely secretive and only communicate with the Hells through a devil whose name they might not even know. And Dispater is quite paranoid about letting any cultists have access to something valuable and have been known to destroy any servant who provides them with too much. Or have the cult destroy the devil as a lesson.   Presenting Dispater with some truly unique way for him to protect himself is the closest one might come to have him as an ally. But such a position also means that he will be looking even more for possible signs of betrayal.
Divine Classification


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