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While a large portion of the plane of Dis is a wasteland of lava and igneous rock formations, its dominant feature is the city of Dis. The immense iron walls surrounding it slow slightly red with the heat. The buildings within the city are mostly built out of jagged metal and can burn those not native to the Hells if they're not careful.   Throughout the city, one can always see the watchful eye of the plane's paranoid ruler, Dispater. No matter where one is, the tower always seems to be just far away to be still seen. Moving closer or further away doesn't change this. Only those especially invited can fully approach the tower.  

City of Dis

The largest city of the Nine Hells is also a significant location for trade. While there are being who refuse to trade with anyone from the Hells on their plane (usually preferring the City of Brass as an alternative), there are others who prefer making deals here where they are overseen, and laws keep everyone strictly to their word. This includes those who want to make such deals with each other.   Dis is also where many of the greatest weapons made in the Nine Hells are made, and they might be for sale for the right price. The Blood War can always find a use for more souls as weapons in themselves. These sorts of negotiations do a lot to fill Dispater's quota of souls.   The city always seems crowded, despite also always being large enough for all inhabitants. The bazaars and trading houses, in particular, are especially loud and filled with beings and often exotic wares. The throngs of creatures and damned souls contribute to the heat and oppressive feeling of the city. This is further enhanced by the towering menacing buildings that seem to loom over the streets.  


Many different devils are living here, and they make up the vast majority of the population, but not all of it. There are some other fiends, such as succubi and incubi; some elementals, tieflings, and various others of the common races.   No celestial would go here, and most kinds of elves are extremely rare.  

How to Survive

Any devil will know how to navigate the twisted hierarchies that govern Dis, but even they need to be on their guard against those who want to take advantage through trickery or violence. Everyone is here to make a deal on their own terms. Everyone here is looking for a way to climb to a better position. And no one cares who they step on to reach their goals. The easiest way to survive this hostile environment is to learn the game and then play it well. If you truly want to thrive, you need to be as ruthless as everyone else. There is no one here who will take pity on you for being hurt. At most, they will offer to help for only the low price of your soul.
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City of Dis


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