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The former ruler of Phlegethos in the Nine Hells is still there as an advisor to its current ruler, Fierna. The two are widely known to be lovers and to share some of the responsibility for the layer of the Hells. Rumours are consistent that the two are also related, but it is unclear if they are father and daughter, mother and son, or if they are siblings.   Unlike Fierna, Belial is very direct and never far from passionate violence. He too can be a good manipulator, but not as good as her. Instead, he compensates by being much more threatening and learning every emotional weak spot of those he wishes to control.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Belial was one of the first devils placed in charge of a layer by Asmodeus. But he was also one of the first to try to plot against the lord of the Hells and this is why he was demoted and the promising Fierna took his place. On the surface, Belial seems to be comfortable with his position, but ambition is part of what it means to be a devil.

Intellectual Characteristics

Belial has an impressive charisma that makes most want to be on his side. The fact that he is a very dangerous person to have as an enemy helps. He is very intelligent but applies his mind more like a sword and less like a scalpel.
Current Location
Dark, long hair with flames sometimes licking it.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dark with a glow, as if a fire was burning inside.


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