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The proprietor of Asefeh's baths in Jolethai. He is a almost too friendly and welcoming.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

A slender but fit tiefling wuth kight, almose white skin. He'd get a severe sun burn if t wasn't for the fact that he's resistant to the heat.   Asefh's horns are curled back almost making a loop. His hair is long and usually kept in loose ponytail. The tail iis unusually thin and very smooth and ends in a point rather than barbs orr similar.

Facial Features

Thhe smile and constant focus on looking like he possesses some deeper wisdom have become sch permanent fixtures that they are more or less fused into his features. His smooth lines and thin lips help with the impression.

Apparel & Accessories

Asefeh has an almost uncanny knack for being dressed in a way that's provocative but not lewed. He has an excellent physique an he's not afraid to show it. Most oftn he's dressed in loose-fitting silk trousers, sandals, and nothing more besides some simple jewelry.



His voicce s always calming, even when discussing serious or inappropriate topics. And sometimes this includes saying things that sound profound. IIf they actually are is a matter of opinion.
Current Location
Blue, slightly curly
180 cm
Ruled Locations


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