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After someone is born among the Sh'reen the family hosts a celebration to which family, close friends and most neighbours would expect to find themselves invited. And to not attend without a good excuse once you are invited, is considered very rude. The host family isn't expected to prepare anything for the guests. Instead, guests are expected to bring food, help clean afterwards, and take turns helping out with anything that might be needed for the baby.   Common gifts include toys, bottles, and other things to help take care of the baby, but also immaterial gifts such as promises of babysitting.

Components and tools

The home of the newborn is decorated with colourful fabrics that cover as much of the walls as possible. This is to call on the various gods to bring happiness and excitement to the child's life. Preference for certain gods with lead to some colours being more common. Again, these fabrics are brought and put up (and eventually taken down, if the family wishes) by guests.
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