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Ahneid Seelon

First in line for the title of Qel'tath of House Seelon and publicly not very fond of the current title holder, Anhara Seelon. Where she prefers a distant relationship to the central authorities of the Sh'areen Caliphate, he wants tighter cooperation. To a lot of locals in Seelon, this makes him something of an unwated person as he is percieved as someone who would betray them to those in power. But from his point of view, this is the only way for the area and the noble house to thrive long-term.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

While Ahneid clearly identifies as male, he often dress quite androgyniously.


While there are often rumours of Ahneid taking lovers of various genders or races, none of them have every been substanciated and he hasn't shown any interest in someone to marry. He could still be a virgin spreading rumours about himself, or a playboy good at keeping liaisons secret. Or anything in between.

Intellectual Characteristics

Practical. Some would say calculating. But he's both very intelligent and increadibly well read. His one weakness in this area is likely that he's better at theory than practice.


Contacts & Relations

Ahneid is at least rumoured to be in contact with one of the Divine Guides, though stories disagree as to who this would be. Other than that, he is is a very influential person as one of the highest ranking members of House Seelon.

Family Ties

Ahneid's mother, Auelyna Seelon died in childbirth as his baby sister was supposed to be born, but she died a day after her mother. Ahneid was 5 at the time.   His father, Nicholas Seelon, was on a diplomatic mission to Solaris when Ahneid was 21. The caravan with the diplomats was attacked by Fah'Rah barbarians and Ahneid's father was killed. The only family he has shown any interest in being close to since is his aunt Anhara, and most agree that he hates her.

Religious Views

At least on the surface, Ahneid is a devout follower of Amaunator, but some whisper that this might have more to do with a desire to suck up to the Caliph than actual faith. Of course, saying as much to his face isn't a good idea.


For the most part, Ahneid is corteous to a fault, but this can also easily be interpreted as being cold and distant. The times this carefully crafted facade breaks down is during his arguments with his aunt.


Ahneid Seelon


Towards Anya Seelon


Anya Seelon


Towards Ahneid Seelon


Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Lord of Jolethai
High Noble of the Sh'areen Caliphate
Year of Birth
1341 SR 24 Years old
Anya Seelon (Sister)
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations


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