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Just like tieflings have fiendish blood, the aasimar have celestial blood. Originally, the aasimar were created specifically by beings tied to the structured realms near the positive energy plane, but the race isn't bound to that role.   Most aasimar experience dreams or visions from their celestial origins, guiding them towards goals that serve one deity or another. Of course, not all heed the ways of that deity - which is one way to get Fallen aasimar. Others find purpose with or without these guiding spirits.  

Different Aasimar


When aasimar are tainted by dark forces, they might Fall. The light in their soul is replaced by shadow and their innate desire to serve all might be replaced by one to serve themselves. They may or may not have the same sort of guide as other aasimar, but if they do, it tends to be from one of the darker and more destructive or deceitful gods. But they remain individuals and able to choose their own path.   While they share abilities with other kinds of aasimar, the fallen can extend a necrotic shroud of two frightening skeletal wings that makes death part of who they are.    


Out of all the forms of Aasimar, these are the ones that really focus on the people around them. They feel compelled to defend the weak and tend to those in need. The inner light that comes from their celestial heritage is strong and drives them to always move on to where they are needed. This can be hard on individuals as they feel restless and unable to settle down.   On top of the abilities shared by all aasimar, Protectors can extend their celestial wings of the bright light of divine power.    


These aasimar contain the righteous fury of the divine. Their divine guides often urge them to seek out evil to smite. Some of them attempt to live peaceful lives, but they might find this difficult. Whenever something seems awry, the Scourge feel a need to act.   The holy light within the Scourge can be extended to shine through their eyes, mouth, and even their very skin will start to glow. This divinity will easily scorch those around who are deemed unworthy. The divine power radiating through the Scourge when they call upon it sometimes mimics the blue tones in their skin, sometimes compliments it with a warm orange-yellow.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The divine light within an aasimar allows them to spread that light around them as well as simply be able to see in the dark themselves. It allows them to heal others by touch and it partially protects them from the deathly energies.
150 years
Average Height
170 cm
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Aasimar are usually paler than humans, sometimes with a blue-ish, or golden yellow for Protector aasimar, tint. Fallen aasimar tend to be even paler than other kinds, often to the point of looking slightly grey.


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