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This excerpt from a field report from 1619  is the most complete description of the Ahool we have to date:    
The Ahool are creatures that merge the shape of a bat and an ape. They stand approximately 4 feet tall on average, but may range in height, with some being significantly larger. Despite their size, the Ahool have noticeable wingspans and can fly in the frantic, quickly paced manner that bats do. The Ahool have large fangs and will seek opportunities to grab unaware victims and plunge their fangs into the victim’s neck. Their large ears give them an exemplary sense of hearing, but make them sensitive to loud noises. The 3rd Mixed Regiment has successfully overloaded their sense of hearing by deploying explosive mining charges. It has been reported that bright lights will have a similar effect, however, Ahool have been encountered consistently during the day, so this may be a rumor. Regardless of their own sensitivities, the Ahool have been found to sound a high-pitched screech when threatened. The screech is so loud it has made several men fall to their knees covering their ears to escape the sound. Possible permanent hearing damage is a risk when encountering Ahool. If you spot a larger Ahool, be cautious. The 3rd Mixed Regiment has encountered a massive Ahool with hide so thick our blades and spears could not dig into it significantly. These creatures have been dubbed “Silverback Ahool,” though some simply call them “Alpha Ahool.” It has been reported that Ahool chase after grain supplies, so it may be possible they have some kind of gathering instinct. In addition, this may indicate they are omnivorous. Recommendation for encountering an Ahool is to retreat, inform the 3rd Mixed Regiment, and utilize mixed infantry including polearms and rifles to keep their numbers at bay.

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Cover image: by Cait May


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